Monthly Archives: June 2010

Before the Art-block


As I finish the cabinet I’ve gotten an art-block when it comes to aquarelle. Everything just feels forced, and I do not want to make forced art. On the bright side though I have less than half of the papers left to paint. :)

Coins and Mosquitos Will Have To Wait


Feeling pain from a big number of mosquito bites on my legs and I’m not yet in the mood to rant about small coins and mosquitos. So here’s art instead.

Believe it or not, but on the picture above I randomly chose, without looking of course, five color pencils to use for coloring. Quite good choices, except the orange skin tone. Makes him look like a Stockholmer.

The Bee Shoes Are Finished!


I first thought of a crazy pattern for my canvas shoes, but then my thoughts wandered to turtles, snails and scribbles. So I decided to go back to basics and I chose Bee Shoes. Bees. My God.

I used textile pens but as you can see clearly in the last picture the pens ran out of ink and I had to use other ink pens. I’m so proud. :D

Also, here’s some new art.

Geni means genius in Swedish. Hehe, aren’t I silly? :P

Father’s Day Confusion


Father’s day happened in the four last days apparently. That’s odd, since in Sweden we don’t celebrate that day until the last Sunday of November. Does that mean if you live in the US but became a father in Sweden, you can celebrate it twice? I guess, if you’re a greedy bastard. ;)

The same for Mother’s day. But the day count difference is only a week or two.

Insane Rain with Self Portrait


Once upon a time there was a day which was sunny. Then all of a sudden it started to rain. A lot. It soon stopped and dried out quickly. Then it rained again! I took the moment the first time it rained to take some pictures. :)

Later I drew a self-portrait. It’s kind of gross, like one of my latest fabrics, I like things to be gross but not too gross.

Gross is a funny word in Swedish by the way. It’s the second word in a grocery chain store I usually go to, the name’s City Gross. Add ist to grossist and means wholesaler/jobber.

*coughcough* Oops, the art!