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Flying For The First Time


I didn’t know what to expect when I was going to fly for the first time. My dad had told me a bunch of horror stories about what you can and can’t do when it came to everything that included flying. Most of it wasn’t true.

I passed check-in, screenings and boarding easily. The plane itself was pretty small. From left to right there was; one seat, aisle, two seats. I sat just after the wing of the plane on the right side so I could see the wheel. The plane had propellers too.

I expected to get ear problems, but I got none. I just kept swallowing air to even out the pressure. It worked out fine. The families with children sat in the front, much to my relief. Screaming children are a pain. All I heard was the plane.

The experience of flying was amazing. My face was plastered, not literally, to the window during the whole flight. It was fun to watch the small world down there. The clouds were white, and they looked like cotton candy.

I took some pictures while I was at it. I couldn’t get any pictures of the cotton, because by then we were descending. The camera also kept focusing on the window rather than on what was outside. Read the rest of this entry

S02E20 – The Crossroads of Destiny


Damn! I thought I’d watch just one more episode for closure, but then it got even more super-exciting. Awesome battles as always. They saved Katara but barely escaped the now overthrown Earth Kingdom. Sigh. So sad. And Zuko… Betrayal! And here I was hoping for a team-up. Perhaps later? Why would you choose princess Bitch over super-duper awesome uncle Iroh? It boggles my mind. Oh well… We’ll see next time.

S02E19 – The Guru


Exciting! The chakra stuff was interesting, flashbacks involved. I think there’s a big confrontation ahead. Team Bitch is allied, for now, with the brainwasher. Toph could bend metal. Awesome! I almost forgot about her. After Sokka finally met his dad, he had to go again. I’m wishing for a happy ending. Zuko is… weird. He’s not supposed to be happy. It’s weird.

S02E18 – The Earth King


Metamorphosis of the mind? I’m not so sure about that, but I guess anything can happen in the Avatar-universe. Freaky dream sequences are always interesting to watch. They finally burst the bubble surrounding Ba Sing Se and threw that brainwashing leader in a cell, but he’ll be back. The group split up and are already getting in trouble. Team Bitch arrived disguised as Kyoshi warriors! Nooooo!! Does that mean the real Kyoshi warriors are dead? I hope not. Two more episodes until book three.

Art Camp 2010


I got in! I’m the only one from my city that’s going. It’s my last year to apply too. It’s my third year I’ve attended. I’m hoping to top last year’s camp.

The first year… sucked. But it had its moments. It sucked mostly because I had horrible stomach pains. I tend to get that when my breakfast changes drastically. Also, I couldn’t find the shower. Yuck.

The second year was great. I had a little stomach pain but it was for one day only. I made lots and lots of art. Almost 40 pieces if I remember correctly.

The camp is 5 days, but the vernissage is at 13:00, so I’ll go on Monday 9th and come back on Friday the 13th (omg?). Lots of crap to post then, but I’ll have to post the stuff I’ve done the last 3 days.

I’m still tired after the trip. Blisters in my mouth make me sour. Oh well…

S02E17 – Lake Laogai


Wow. This was a great episode. Lots of stuff happened. Appa is finally back! They’re out of that sick city at last. Brainwashing is nasty. It’s cool how Toph can sense lies. I felt a little sad for Jet, even though he was mostly an ass he redeemed himself in the end. I think Zuko’s hair grows faster than mine, and my hair grows very fast. (No, I’m not letting the hair thing go. ;))