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Parasitepatient #3


I felt like I kinda failed this one, since it looks like she’s completely bald 0n the front half of her face. But if you looked closer at the group shot you’ll see that I added some hair on her head.

I guess her neck must tickle a lot, when her curly hair is plastered to the sides of her neck.

My First Cup O’ Noodles


I’ve eaten noodles before; ones you boil in a pot and one time in a buffet (and it was so delicious!). When it comes to insta-noodles I have a hard time with buying the noodles that taste good. Sometimes I’ve been eating one brand and when I go and buy new noodles (the same brand, mind you), because I’ve finished all the noodles I have, they taste like shit. So now I’m a bit suspicious and careful when it comes to buying noodles.

Yesterday I bought some cup noodles. I originally wanted one person boil-in-bag rice from Uncle Ben, but oh well… ^^’

I do love milk <3

It tasted pretty good. I might buy it again – if I ever haul my ass down to the store again. *snicker*

Parasitepatient #2


At the institute, he’s one of the younger patients. I can imagine him as a person who spends a lot of time combing his hair, but not being prissy about it.

His right eye is entirely covered by a parasite, and that is the only one he’s got.

Another thing about his hair, I think it goes down to his butt area.

Parasitepatient #1


The first patient I drew. At the time I didn’t know he was going to be a Parasitepatient, but when I drew #2 I decided to continue on the same line.

I haven’t decided on an age yet, but he’s around his late 20’s or early 30’s. He is infected by two parasites; one on his right eye, and one in his hair.

About the parasite in the hair, I have no way of explaining how that is possible… yet. I guess it will have something to do around a parasite that lost its grasp on him, and then entwined itself in the patient’s hair.



Clickity-click for a close-up. In the next hours/days I’ll post the patients individually, along with some small info.

On a note here, the numbers have nothing to do with their names or anything. The numbers are for me to keep track of them.

This is the result of my insane portrait-drawing-frenzy.

Btw, these are up on dA already if you want to take a closer look.

Mixing Music Is Difficult Stuff


I just put together the mp3 for my musical self-portrait. Making good transitions is hard, but I managed to put it together fairly good. At 23:21 it stands (3:21 too much but I figure it’s not that big of a deal).

A musical self-portrait is where you put together the music that you have listened to and liked/disliked throughout the years. I chose video games which music have made a lasting impact on me. In order there are;

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

Opening Demo
Kakariko Village
Fortune Telling House
Lost Woods
Dark World
Triforce Chamber

Secret of Evermore

The Scientist
Quick Sand Field
Pirate Theme
Freak Show

Grand Theft Auto 2

Taxi Drivers Must Die
The Diner
God Bless All The Universe
Surf City

MOTHER 2/ Earthbound

Get On The Bus

Mass Effect

Sovereign Theme
M4 Part 2 by Faunts


Black Cap Brotherhood
The End (Prague Radio)
The Robot Band Tune

And I mean everything was in order.

The Regnbåge Legacy – Chapter 1: The Legacy Begins


Wow, what a stock title. Oh well…

This is the beginning of my Rainbow Legacy (rules here), played on Sims 3. I’m gonna go for 10 generations. In the order that’s suggested in the rules section;

The legacy family name is Regnbåge, the Swedish name for rainbow. The name’s will be associated to the generation colour, and so will the house decoration, clothing and hair.

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Toy Story 3


It’s good to see the pile of excellent trilogies growing, in a time where remakes are more frequent.

Of the other 2 movies, the 3rd one was definitely the darkest but also the saddest. I can with pride say that I cried at the ending, because next year I’ll most definitely be in Andy’s seat (although I value all of my personal belongings equally). I also thought that they would really die at the end in the garbage burner (that would’ve made me bawl my eyes out), but then remembered that this is a kids movie, so of course the ending had to be happy.

It’s a kids movie, for kids. It didn’t feel like it. There were only one kid in the theater, and generally not a lot of people. Which is good for me, I hate crowds. But the reason behind that was because most kids watched the dubbed version of Toy Story 3, because the dialog is so important in an animated kids movie. In the theater I watched it in, they showed the one with the English voices only twice. Wtf? Without subtitles too, but that’s not very important (unless you’re watching a movie with Little Jacob). The rest of the Toy Story 3 showings are in Swedish. I prefer the original language in any type of movie, and it’s good that they showed the English version at all. Also, no one can do a better Buzz Lightyear than Tim Allen.

Another thing about the Swedish Film Distribution Company is that the release of this movie was very late. Originally it was going to show in late July, but for some stupid reason they decided to put it in late August. When most people are back in school or at work. I don’t get it. I had been super-excited for this movie ever since I saw the trailer before the showing of Iron Man 2, which was in April. It really pissed me off that they wouldn’t show it in July. I was really jealous when all the reviews and discussion came up about Toy Story 3, and I couldn’t take a look at it because I didn’t want to be exposed to spoilers.

Oh well, now I have seen it and it was better than I had hoped for – and my hopes were sky high. I mean, when has Pixar made anything that sucked? Never, as far as I know.

I don’t really like this type of computer animation, I prefer more traditional animation (like frame-by-frame). But the look of all the things in Toy Story has always wowed me. When I saw the first movie as a kid I was baffled on how cool it looked. It was nothing like the cartoons I used to watch back then. It fits the design of the toys like a glove, although I’ve always thought the humans looked pretty weird.

I really really hope this will come out in a DVD-box or something, the whole trilogy. I only have the first Toy Story on VHS (dubbed version) and it’s pretty hard to find an un-dubbed version of it where I live.

Toy Story 3 gets a 10/10 from me, because it’s a very touching movie. The jokes are great, the animation is stunning and it made me cry.