The Regnbåge Legacy – Chapter 1: The Legacy Begins


Wow, what a stock title. Oh well…

This is the beginning of my Rainbow Legacy (rules here), played on Sims 3. I’m gonna go for 10 generations. In the order that’s suggested in the rules section;

The legacy family name is Regnbåge, the Swedish name for rainbow. The name’s will be associated to the generation colour, and so will the house decoration, clothing and hair.

Something than will be present in all generations is patterns. I have 2 fabric patterns that are the only ones I use for the sims’ clothing, I change the colour depending on the generation. If I get sick of them I’ll change it, but for the moment I won’t.

I don’t play with mods or custom content. I don’t count points. I buy lifetime rewards. I play on the normal age setting. Just wanted to get that out of the way.

So, let’s introduce the founder!

He’s a mish-mash of several sims I’ve downloaded, I can’t remember any more. I randomly rolled his traits and then picked his LTW.

Here’s his house! Steven is sleeping outside because the house isn’t finished yet.

I gave him a guitar so he can wander up the career ladder much faster.

With Rock Star being his LTW, joining the music career is a good choice.

Even with no virtuoso/artistic trait people still think he’s good. By the way, isn’t Rock Star a weird LTW to be available considering Steven’s traits.

So, let’s look for a co-founder.

At the Red Rendezvous (is that the correct name?) I found Gala Ball. Those cheeks wouldn’t look so good, and she’s kinda creepy.

Gala: Car-pooling is good for the environment.

Buddy Bailey: Foosball! :)

Rosy over there is married, and after some dancing Steven continues his hunt for a co-founder…

… by creeping up on Sofia Carlton.

Sofia: With these glasses, no one can see my fear.

I just want to add that between these shots, a day passed. They were acquaintances, then on the next the they were all of a sudden best friends. They must be meant for each other!

Steven: So… What do you look like behind your glasses?

Steven: We became best friends over night, we must be meant for each other. You want to move in?

Sofia: Okay.

You need a makeover, seriously!

Sofia had an expensive car in her inventory when she moved in, with the money from selling it I managed to work on the house more but it’s still unfinished, just look at the walls.

Oh wait, I forgot to put walls up. ^^’

Meet the co-founder: Sofia Carlton.

I can see her eyes! They’re blue!

When I sold her car, she achieved her LTW. Nice!

Steven: We should get married.

I mean who can resist his horse smile?

Naw, ain’t he cute?

Also, look at the couples’ noses. Either their kids will be super-awesome or super-freaky.

Obligatory first kiss shot. <3

Steven: BF-GF?

Sofia: Okay!


Cue marriage proposal with Racket family and paperboy in the background!

So let’s get married!

Steven: I hope she won’t turn into a dragon after I marry her.

Sofia: Kissing is fun! (She has the Great Kisser trait after all)

Also, this is the first time I’ve visited this place. It’s quite pretty.

I just couldn’t put Sofia in a hot pink dress, I would’ve died.

Sims always gawk like morons when they get the ring. First up Steven…

… then Sofia. Oh well, it’s pretty funny anyway. ;P

Told you the view was pretty.

As a married couple, of course you have to strike the same poses.

Steven: So you dislike kids right?

Sofia: That’s correct!

I wonder how this will turn out…

This is enough for now, but no worries – I have shots up to generation 2, but now that I play GTA IV I can catch up on everything.

Until next time…

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