Monthly Archives: September 2010

2 Patches A Day


I’ve cut up my grey pants, to mod them into a pair of “patchy” pants. Each day I’ll sow on 2 patches of checkered fabrics until there’s no more room. Then I’ll trim the edges and sow the sides together again. They’re either to come out hideous or magnificent.

Also, I’m so enthralled by Retribution right now I’ll write about it once I finish it (which will be very soon).

Monday Art


The eyes were something almost new. I already knew the effect in the middle but the ring around the iris was new.

Originally I wanted his/her head exploding but I suppose a Desire Demon head is close enough.

I don’t know what the heck that is, but the effects are cool.

Today’s Way To Happiness


When I woke up today I wasn’t happy at all.

I was tired, and felt funny. The kind of funniness I had with the cold, it made my head distorted.

On the bus I tried to calm down with just focusing on the music in my headphones. How is the music built up? You’d notice every detail in a song. FYI, the “ding-ding-ding-ding-ding” every 8th beat in Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance has really ruined the song for me. It worked by the way.

I started to think about remaking my pants too, since I have an extreme shortage of pants I can fit my behind into. I think I might work on that this week. Patch-work and checkers for the win.

I was reading Mass Effect: Retribution in school too, about a hundred pages I think. It’s starting to get really exciting too. I’ll have an entry about that subject tomorrow. The story is really involving, which means I don’t have to focus on boredom.

Swedish class went by. I read poetry by Joseph von Eichendorff, and nervous as ever. I even got on better terms with a classmate I used to dislike before. I’d still rather not be with her, but I can be around her without any bad tension. Relief.

People noted that I had been gone, and they cared. Which felt really good.

I started the day feeling weird, and the structure and the people made me happy again. :)

Hurting Toe Turning Purple


Or at least dark red with a tint of purple. It’s leaking unwanted fluids and it pains me. I sometimes have problem with my feet, but they always turn out fine.

I don’t think you really appreciate your feet until you’ve survived ingrown toenails a few dozen times.

Knees are also very valuable.

There’s Transformers On TV Tonight


But it’s on TV4, a channel notorious for having way too much commercials, even for the Swedish standard.

I haven’t watched a lot of movies, or TV at all, since we got the new sofas in March. Before I used to watch ANTM at 16.00 but now I take the bus home at 16.00, so…

There was also Merlin, but season 2 is done.

The new sofas are stiff. The old sofa was cuddly, and old.

Nowadays when I watch movies I watch them SVT or SVT2, the only Swedish channels that are commercial free.

Because why ruin the mood with commercials when watching a good movie?