The Regnbåge Legacy – Chapter 3: The “Disliking” Of Children


Last time; The yellow generation was born, starting with Pollen. Also, party.

With a new generation, of course you have to redecorate/recolour the place.

Up the stairs to the second floor…

… to the only room that is decorated on this floor, Pollen’s room. Small but cozy, no?

The birth of a child requires a celebration right? How? Why a swimsuit party of course!

Cho Sunwhun here was a possible co-founder option, but I couldn’t find here anywhere!

Also, demonstrating chest size here. *snicker*

Awesome “Woo!” interaction Go!

With Juan Darer no less.

Steven: I hope you get my nose baby.

I hope she does. Steven’s nose is awesome, I love it!

Btw, the next kid is on its way.

Birthday party!

Wait? Sofia, I thought you didn’t like kids?

She’s super cute! She has Sofia’s eye colour, jaw, mouth and skin.

Her nose isn’t Steven’s, but that’s okay. She has Steven’s hair and eyes.

Funny picture for the sake of funny picture.

Obligatory father-belly picture!

And look over there at the kitchen. It’s always dark, because you can’t actually build that way without pulling some tricks. You can’t put windows or paintings there correctly because of that.

Oh, and Sofia can now paint portraits!

And she’s in labor.

Another girl. (I wanted a boy.) Well, if she gets the nose I’m happy.

Meet Macaroni. To quote Wikipedia: “Macaroni is a kind of moderately extended, machine-made dry noodle. Much shorter than spaghetti (but not necessarily), and hollow, macaroni does not contain eggs. Though home machines exist that can make macaroni noodles, macaroni is usually made commercially by large scale extrusion.”

She rolled Excitable (like her sister) and Heavy Sleeper. She likes to listen to Indie music, eat Frog Legs and her favourite colour is Spice Brown (like her father).

Wh- What? Why Marigold?!

Oh, you miss your husband? That’s no reason to smash the doll house!

Oh hai Macaroni!

Then you steal Macaroni’s candy and don’t pay attention to Pollen?!

That’s it! You’re never coming to my parties again!

I thought you disliked children Sofia?

Sofia: I do. (She always gets the negative moodlet)

So let Steven hold the children then.

Sofia: Never!

I think she’s a closet case or something.

She looks… kinda weird. Where did that hair come from?

Anyway, she has Sofia’s nose, jaw, and eyes. But she has Steven’s lovely eye colour, his mouth and his skin I think.

Sofia: Babies.

I thought you- Ah sod it. I don’t care anymore.

And she took a short trip to France to get recipes btw.

Pollen: Birthday!

It’s weird how the toddler toilet can overflow when there’s no actual plumbing in it.

And birthday it is.

Pollen: The fact that my mother who dislikes children keeps insisting to carry her children to the cake is making me cross-eyed.

You know, because she “dislikes” children.

Sofia: I do!

Sure you do~.

Pollen: Look at me mother!

Sofia: No.

Pollen: How about now?

Sofia: No.

Pollen: Then I’ll just go and get a makeover.

Isn’t she gorgeous? She’s even cuter than before!

Anyhow, she rolled Neat.

Let’s finish off there. Until next time…

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2 responses »

  1. “It’s weird how the toddler toilet can overflow when there’s no actual plumbing in it.”

    Actually, however gross that may sound, I think it’s supposed to be pee flowing over, because it happens when you don’t empty the potty. Ew, EA.

    Anyway, hello my fellow Scandinavian! (I’m from Denmark). I really like your legacy, it’s quite entertaining. I just started a Rainbowcy of my own – story not yet uploaded though. OH MY GOD, I’m so envious of the fact that you were able to build a house that quickly. My co-founder had a car in her inventory as well, but for some reason the game wouldn’t let me sell it.
    Heh, Macaroni is looking really weird, a lot different from her sister. Can’t wait to see what she’s gonna look like as an adult.

    Looking forward to reading the rest of your legacy, too tired right now though =P

    • Yay for people in my own time zone! :D

      I think I did not buy the biggest lot available, and Sofia did have the second most expensive car at the time. Macaroni Macaroni… I think it’s the eyes that make her weird, but she grows into it with time. Also, thanks for liking it. :)

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