Bridgeport Adventures Part 1


So I’ve been playing Late Night now for a few hours. I think I have enough experience to continue the legacy, and most of this stuff requires leaving the home, which I mostly don’t do in my legacy.

Ahem, here’s our sim for now; Celadon Schuyler. She is the green heir of my lost rainbow legacy.

She’s insane, flirty, family-oriented, handy and hates the outdoors. Her clothes, hair and tattoos are all from the new expansion.

I bought her an apartment, and bought some instruments for her to play. Personally I like the piano the best, and it’s also the skill Celadon improves the most during this update.

You get to your flat by elevator, and apparently you can get stuck in it.

Celadon: I’m okay.

Well, you better start practicing.

As I send Celadon away to some classes (her LTW is to max handiness and logic, aka the tinkerer) a few neighbors came to visit. OMG! A vampire!

And two normal sims. I think the guy had some celebrity status, I don’t know for sure.

Here’s a prime example of the boob slider.

In the basement Celadon finds some creepy stone things with candles on them. I wonder what those are for, hmm…

Since she does not have any celeb-status herself, Celadon always has to bribe the bouncer to get in.

At the most places there are instruments to jam on. I think this was Plasma 501 or something like that.

I think the drums look a bit “kiddy”, and that it needs some polishing but since they are the only drums in the game they will have to suffice.

There’s also the bass, which is friggin’ awesome.

Bartender is cute. There’s a lot of drinks to choose from, and you can buy food too. Sometimes there are happy hours.

The display when making drinks are pretty cool. Also, boobs!

Every drink does not look the same, which is good. I think the guy is a five star celebrity.

Just don’t turn into an alcoholic now.

Celadon: Fat chance.

She rolled drink wants almost all the time.

While Celadon tries to impress boob lady the celebrity, another one pukes. Nice.

Puke lady: FOOD! NOW!

Meanwhile, vampire!

Puke lady pukes again.

Vampire: Yay! Compatible star signs!

I think Celadon is a Leo.

Another vampire! And a hot one at that! By the way, look at that arm. Ew.

Beau vampire spam!

I just have to snag him.

And another vampire. Is that an urn over there?!

Here’s an example of a new type of food; olives and something-I-can’t-remember.

Shrimp cocktail. I love it.

Here’s another club. It’s in a basement somewhere. My favourite one so far.

With this, whatever it is, you can blow bubbles!

And they all have different flavours!

Of course you can’t leave without dancing a bit.

Insane sims are… different.

Nothing like bathing in your everyday wear.

Blurs like that can only mean one thing; nudity!

Turns out, you can dance on the counters. Awesome!

Guy with drink: I think she’s had one too many.

Celadon tries some counter-dancing too.

Celadon: Am I fierce or what?

Yes. Yes you are.

I’ll have to stop there. In part 2 we’ll see if Celadon can snag Beau the vampire and more stuff.

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