Bridgeport Adventures Part 2


Exploration of Bridgeport in The Sims 3 Late Night expansion.

Here, in another club, is another celebrity. Also, the so called “ideal body” with arms and legs like twigs and boobs like balloons (although that doesn’t show much in this outfit).

It is here where I discover you can make bands. The blonde I recruit to my band “Oven Smoke” (that was a default name).

Autonomous photographing of a celebrity.

So this is the full band of Oven Smoke. The blonde, the girl vampire and Beau vampire.

By the bathrooms, Celadon tries to smooch Beau. Denied! This is the first time I’ve been denied the first kiss.

Don’t be sad Celadon. Why don’t you try again?

Okay… you can cry for a bit first. Also, face one! FFFUUU!!!


Beau: I like you.

Celadon: But you won’t kiss me.

Beau: There’s another thing I can do.


Celadon: That hurt you know.

Beau: Hehehe. Am I fierce or what?

Celadon tries to seduce Beau in an elevator.

The result is Celadon getting thrown out on her ass.

Celadon: You didn’t have to throw me you know.

And so began her walk of shame.

She walked like this for about 2-3 hours or so. But the next day…


And they became boyfriend and girlfriend.

Celadon: Wohoo. Now!


Happy dance!

Celadon: I feel… strange.

Holy crap! Vampire transformation!

Laser eyes! Oh shit.

And now Celadon is a vampire!

Celadon: Hey babe. I’m a vampire now. Let’s make out.

When vampires sleep, they get “v”s instead of “z”s above their heads.

Celadon: Now that both of us are vampires, let’s make a vampire baby.

Beau: No way.

Celadon: *Sad face*

They look so cute and weird at the same time. Their babies are gonna be freaks.

There’s that happy dance again!

But I won’t let him go yet. So I have Celadon propose to him.

Celadon: Marry me?

Beau: I am hungry.


Celadon rolls the wish to marry, so they do right after.

Beau: *Sigh*

I had Celadon move to Beau’s place since hers is so small.

And I’m now off to play some more!

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