Bridgeport Adventures Part 3


Exploration of Bridgeport in The Sims 3 Late Night expansion.

Here’s one of Beau’s roommates. I like her clothes.

As a vampire, you can run – vampire style. Awesome.

Quick to the bathroom! Could it be because of her new vampire diet?

This is another of Beau’s roommates, in her underwear.

And the third and last one is a vampire.

Now these 3 women have one thing in common.

This. All of them are were romantic interests of Beau.

Oven Smoke’s first gig evah!

The gig wasn’t completed though. Not by vampire girl wetting herself, but Celadon is preggers.

The group in the household jam together a bit. No one is touching the piano because it’s bugged and I couldn’t sell it.

Since both rolled wishes to read pregnancy books, the parents to be took a trip to the surprisingly boring library.

Since the piano was unsellable and unplayable, I moved them to a new place.

Ain’t it gorgeous?

Obligatory father-belly interactions photographies.

Turns out those stone things aren’t coffins. She looks possessed. Weird.

Here’s some eye candy.

At this time, I think none of the girls were romantic interests to Beau anymore.

Imagine the dialogue.

You can barely see it, but after a while in the sun vampires start to emit smoke.

Beau turns out to be a pyromaniac!

Hardly the best thing you can do while expecting, making drinks.

It’s labor time!

Beau: I hope this doesn’t turn into a freak birth like in Twilight.

That shit was weird indeed.

When pregnant, vampires don’t have teeth apparently. Maybe it’s to keep them from eating their babies?

It’s a boy! This fulfills Celadon’s wish. Mine too to be honest. Beau wanted a girl.

I named the boy Dave. Because you know… Beau, Celadon, Dave… Ah nevermind…

Let’s grow him up! Since babies are boring.

This is where I got bored and quit. Next time I play I’ll probably move back to the old place, since this one is too small.

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