And All I Wanted Was To Get To The Boomers


Fallout: New Vegas Spoilers!

I finally sat down with my game after simming so much this week. I was thinking of going to the Boomers since, well, they have explosives.

On the way north, I hit this rock wall that I couldn’t climb. So I went east, but the damn rock wall would never end! Eventually I came to a NCR camp, Bitter Springs, it was a very long way from where I started.

Bitter Springs had some problems, they needed supplies, reinforcements, medical stuff and someone was sniping people from afar. So while I was there I decided to help out.

I gave away some doctor’s bags, sniffed out the sniper in a cave, found some supplies in the former Great Khan caves… All that was left was finding books and getting some reinforcements from other NCR bases.

One of those bases in the quest was Camp McCarran. I had the location discovered and went there. It’s in an airport, it’s huge, and annoying to get around in.

As I was looking for the Colonel, I found a scientist who asked me to investigate Vault 22. Why? Because the Vault was supposedly covered in plants that wouldn’t die, despite not having the proper living condition.

I went to the Colonel to ask for soldiers to Bitter Springs, but it turns out I’m not liked enough. Hsu, which is the name of the Colonel, had other problems though. A mole being one of them. So I got to spy on a transmitter tower, eavesdrop on the snitch and prevent a monorail from blowing up. Glorious. Later I got to interrogate a centurion of the Legion, not as fun as in Mass Effect 2, but still satisfying.

I was curious on this Vault 22 and decided to go there, while I was in the neighborhood. The way there was littered with creepy enemies.

How about giant lizards? Night stalkers (which are cats with a snake’s head and tail, super creepy!)? Giant killer poisonous butterflies?! This Mojave wasteland is weird.

Once at the vault, there was giant mantises hidden in the greenery. The inside was covered in patches of plants and flowers. In the patches were green zombie spore carriers! You have to look closely in the green to prevent ambushes. I get the same haunting and creepy feeling I got from Dead Space.

Vault 22 has several floors, monsters on each. On the fifth, you find Keely, a ghoul scientist and the latest person to travel to the vault to investigate. You help her in blowing up some spores via a vent on the fifth floor. This can be quite tricky, since the explosion ignites everything around you almost instantly.

I’d advise you to throw an explosive (dynamite in my case), run into the room where you got the data, close the door and run close to the console. If you’re not fast enough to close the door, you die. If you stay too close to the door after you’ve closed it, you die. I made it on my third try.

Afterwards you can decide whether to use the info to prevent another mistake, destroy it or do something else.

As the clock had passed midnight a long time ago, I still hadn’t gone to the Boomers. Oh well, it was fun either way.

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