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Gonna Experience Some Bridgeport


As soon as I finish watching Spoony‘s latest video, I’m gonna get acquainted with Late Night some more (to prevent craziness once I continue with the legacy). Perhaps some pics will be posted.

And the water stopped running in the house. I can’t shower! D:

The Sims 3: Late Night – First Impressions


Probably the best expansion yet. There’s a lot of stuff to do.

A few new careers, vampires, new skills, celebrities, new furniture, new clothes (surprisingly little for males), new hair, boob slider, muscle slider, a bajillion new families, star signs, clubs, apartments… and the list goes on.

Reminds me when I played Sims with all the expansions I had, it was ton of stuff to do. I found Will Wright at the top of the bean stalk, sleeping.

I suppose this has been in Sims 2 too, but I never played Sims 2 with all of the expansions since the old computer could not handle much.

I started to slowly integrate my legacy family in the new town, Bridgeport, and started to build a new house, but I think I’m going to have to play a single sim first in the city because otherwise I’m just going to try to get all the new things with the family. Experience most of the new stuff so I’ll get some stability.

This is so awesome.

Pals In New Vegas


Like in Fallout 3, you can only have one companion with you at a time. Exceptions are, in this game, a dog and a robot, which doesn’t count as a companion apparently. I haven’t found either of those but I do have found 3 others.

Boone was the first companion I found, in Novac (the dinosaur statue town), and to date he’s still my companion. He’s a pretty powerful character, skilled with a sniper rifle and melee weapons. He’s the quiet type and a bit mysterious. Boone is a former NCR soldier and he hates the Legion, which is fine by me – I don’t like the Legion either, the only thing that’s good about them are their currency and kewl armor.

I’ve found two others, but I couldn’t take them with me since well… you can only have one pal with you.

A girl named Veronica, clad in the tree-peoples’ clothing. She says she wants to explore the Mojave, and she has a family she gathers food for but says they can take care of themselves. I found her somewhere on the road to New Vegas. She had a power fist by the way.

In a fort/camp near the Strip I found some scientist/research-looking guy named Arcade. I don’t remember much about him.

Enough With The Rainbow Pudding


Because it becomes darker and darker, and colder an colder, it’s sometimes too cold to read in school. So I’ve decided to pick up my good ol’ DS and play Final Fantasy IV again. RPGs are so therapeutic aren’t they?

File number 3 on my game is special. Because I tried to get the Rainbow Pudding which is used in a sidequest later on. Did I get it? Of course not. The drop rate is microscopically small.

So I said, meh, I can get it later.

I wanted to share my stats just before I continued on with my game.

Cecil lvl 30
Rydia lvl 30
Edward lvl 29
Rosa lvl 28
26790 gil
14 hours played

My One Hit Wonders – Popcorn


Ah, Popcorn. There’s like a billion covers of this song. But my favourite version, which I’ve had in my playlist for at least 6 years, is the cover by M&H Band. This one has been mislabeled to Kraftwerk for a long time, and I want to clarify that Kraftwerk has never done a cover of Popcorn.

I love Popcorn because the melody is one of the catchiest ever made, and the instruments in this version are awesome. I especially like the part between the “verses”.

The first Popcorn was made in 1969 by Gershon Kingsley, but the tune didn’t hit big until 1972, when Hot Butter made a cover of it. As mentioned before there has been many covers of this song and more will probably come in the future.

Here’s the Hot Butter version, just for fun.