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A Day At The Circus, Or A Day Traveling By Train


Today was crazy.

In the morning…

  • I got to take the 10:30 train, which was late by one hour.
  • It only went two stations.
  • We were told that ammonia had leaked out at the stopping station and that we were prohibited to leave the train before the buses arrived.
  • Although the bus was already there, and people were walking on the streets. Wut?
  • The bus became super crowded, and there was this dog-lady who kept nagging on her dogs.
  • I was 20 minutes late, but only 5 minutes to class.

In the afternoon…

  • The train was 10 minutes late.

And that was all.

I don’t know why there has been so many delays lately.

Is it because of the weather? The trains are covered in ice and snow. But last winter was worse and there were almost no delays then.

The construction and maintenance of the rails in the neighboring province? I have no idea.

The flooding? Don’t know.

At least I’m not bothered much, until it makes me late for the classes that I like/are super important.

Super Mario Bros


It has almost nothing to do with the games, but it’s entertaining anyway.

When I first saw this movie I think I stopped watching in the middle because I found it too boring/nonsensical/bad. This time around I found it more funny.

I really liked the music, it’s pretty goofy and makes most of the comedy I think. Without the music it would’ve been not as fun.

I also liked the costuming of the people on the streets of the Mushroom Kingdom (?). The little bob-omb was darn cute, but it took forever to blow up. And since when can it walk upside down?

The biggest negative with this movie is that it’s called Super Mario Bros, because it has nothing to do with the games (except the names). If they had removed the (small) connection to Super Mario, it would’ve probably been better received than it was.

Still, it’s entertaining and goofy.



It’s kinda… meh. It’s late (and I should probably go to sleep) so I’ll just round up the likes and dislikes.


  • The villain song, even though the scenery for the song is just wrong.
  • Rasputin, he was pretty funny (even though he never got to do anything).
  • The death of Rasputin, pretty gruesome. Me like.


  • Too many songs that are unmemorable (ergo, all but the villain song).
  • Why didn’t the grandma just jump off the train instead of leaving the girl alone?
  • How could the girl get amnesia from that fall? Is her head made of porcelain?
  • All these small animals that act as “comical reliefs” are annoying as hell.
  • Why does this movie reminds me so much of Disney? *coughknockoffcough*