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The Lonely Refinery Taste – Macaroni And Cheese Dinner


I probably won’t include more food which you have to prepare in any way in tLR Taste, since preparation plays a part in the taste.

I chose to include this simply because I want to see which Macaroni and Cheese is the better, mine or this.

Oh, so I suppose that’s the cheese in there. Great, powder cheese.

And those macaronis are so tiny!

Here are my macaroni in comparison.

Here’s a problem, a sticker is covering the instructions!

I don’t have a microwave…

Okay, now I can see fairly well.

How much is a cup?

Tastes powdery and artificial.

It’s too runny. And presentation isn’t that good either.

And I overcooked the macaroni. Oops.

At first it tastes kinda fine, but after a while it becomes disgusting.

Final Verdict

My macaroni and cheese is far superior.

The Lonely Refinery Taste – Eurocrem


If I recall correctly, this is from Serbia. Shoot me if I’m wrong.

I think you are supposed to spread this on a sandwich, at least the tag on the shelf said so.

So I suppose it’s like Nutella?

It kinda looks like Nutella too.

Chocolate and vanilla?

It tastes kinda like Nutella. It tastes like… something you’d find on a weird biscuit. It’s rich in hazelnut, and nougat too.

Problem is, it’s too heavy and thick in flavour. And the crem itself is hard as hell.

Final Verdict

Pretty tasty at first, but after the first spoon it becomes heavy and very hard to eat. I became very thirsty.

Honestly, it’s kinda disgusting.

During 2011…


I like listings, and guidelines. 2011 will be very eventful for me in many ways.

Here’s some things that will change in the coming year.

  • I’ll take on the next stage of studying, if I get accepted that is (but the following posts are assuming I get in).
  • I’ll move to our capital, probably into a very small apartment.
  • I’ll take on a huge student loan.
  • I’ll probably be alone, but I hope not.
  • I’ll finish my shoe project.
  • I’ll make loads of art.
  • I’ll buy a tablet, so I can draw a logo for the Refinery.
  • I’ll buy a video-camera, so I can record my web-show idea.
  • I’ll buy a bunch of Collector’s Editions (counting at 3 at the moment).
  • I’ll perhaps offer commissions of some sort.
  • I’ll finish my Sims 3 Regnbåge Legacy and start another one.
  • I’ll finish the Pokémon XD guide/walkthrough.
  • I’ll change my theme to a better one.
  • I’ll put up some top lists.
  • I’ll post at least 60 posts per month.
  • I’ll stop this list right now.

So that’s some of the things I can come up with at the moment.

Shopping For Supplies


So here’s the supplies for this session.

That’s 6 canvases. 2 F8’s and 4 F4’s. I like these at the moment because you don’t need to fiddle with any darn wedges.

Schneider pens. I EFFING LOVE SCHNEIDER PENS! If I could marry Schneider pens, I WOULD.

Naples Yellow Hue, Ivory Black, Titanium White, Green Oxide Of Chromium.

00 synthetic were out, so I got 00 half synthetic for a lesser cost. The other is a 01 synthetic. I can’t get enough of brushes.