My (Former) One Hit Wonder – Euro-Vision


I’m pretty sure I got the sniff of this song from an old Swedish manga forum (that’s not up anymore). After the first listening, I was hooked. I’m also pretty sure that I discovered Euro-Vision after I started getting into Kraftwerk again, in some ways Telex and Kraftwerk are similar (all electronic instruments, similar sounds although their lyrics are very different).

Euro-Vision, you can probably tell by the name, was an entry to 1980’s Eurovision Song Contest. In the video above, you can tell that Telex was way ahead of their time. The audience is stunned and kind of half-applause. Telex didn’t count on taking the first place, they even thought they would come in last, they came in 17th of 19. I love that they don’t move around, in true synth-pop fashion, they just do simple moves.

The lyrics are about the ESC itself, found here. It’s sung in French, but the band’s from Belgium. The song itself is catchy, it’s always fun to listen to French lyrics as opposed to all the English I listen to, and I absolutely LOVE the way Euro-Vision is pronounced. To me, the Swede, the “eu” part sounds like the Swedish letter “ö”. I like that Telex dared to stand out in the ESC world of shlager.

But to the point, why is this a former One Hit Wonder? Not because I now dislike it, but because I gave Telex’s other songs a chance. And they are pretty damn good.

Moskow Diskow

Twist a St.Tropez

En Route

And these are just a few.

I’ve only noticed this now, but Telex’s music videos are awesome!

Telex is still around, partly. One of the members, Marc Moulin died of throat cancer in ’08 (he’s the one without any facial hair, I think). Mr. Moulin was also a prominent jazz figure in Belgium too. Michel/Michael Moers is the singer with the epic beard.

Anyway, check out Telex because they are awesome.


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