The Lonely Refinery Taste – Milk Duds


This can’t go wrong right? It’s chocolate.

I have to be honest, I only bought these because they were in the latest episode of Big Bang Theory.

Milk Duds. The design look old, like it’s some relic from the 50’s or something.

Caramel… Sigh. I don’t really like caramel but it’s not completely caramel so I suppose it’s okay.

What are “duds” anyway?

Bunny poop? Nah, I’ve seen a lot of candy that look like bunny poop, and they are fine.

They taste like caramel, a lot. It’s very chewy, and it’s the type of chewiness that sticks on your teeth for a long while.

They taste like another candy I know, Polly from Sweden.


Although the consistency is not exactly the same, it’s similar and in taste too.

Final Verdict

It’s pretty good. Not for the people with weak jaw muscles and teeth. Too much caramel.

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