Space Quest II: Vohaul’s Revenge


This game was great. I really liked it.

Comparing it to the first game, it improved a bit in many departments.

The graphics; I could distinguish things more easier this time, it should’ve made the game easier but I died more than ever so… Maybe I’m just a noob when it comes to these kind of games. The light effects when crawling in the cave maze was excellent.

The sound; Still not as much music as I would like. Some sounds are stabbing my ears but most of the time it’s fine. In some areas, like the forest on Labion, the absence of background music actually enhances the atmosphere with the eyes creeping in the bushes.

The story; Longer, yes. You, Roger Wilco, is captured and brought to the man/alien/robot who was behind the evilness of the first game. Now, he reveals his evil plan to you and sends you off to work until your death. But you escape capture and find a way to flee the planet he sent you to. But alas, he finds out and drags you to his evil asteroid for a final showdown. You foil his plans, unplugs his life support and escape from an impending explosion. Now you drift through space in hope that someone will find your escape pod. I’d say that’s a classic, just told in a special way.

In my immaturity I had some very good laughs. Certain phrases aren’t shot down but met with comedy. That’s what I really like about these type of games.

I actually haven’t got a lot more to say. I don’t want to repeat what I said in my thoughts of the first game. I really enjoyed this game. Play this game.

Somewhere soon I’ll play the game which has an awesome LP, Space Quest 3.

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