The Regnbåge Legacy – Chapter 10: I Think I’m A Clone Now


Last time; Macaroni became a young adult, Steven had an autograph session with some creepy fans, Pyrokinesis were born straight after a fire and Egg Yolk suffered from toddler crying.

C10 Title Card

Welcome back after a while of me not having my graphic card so I couldn’t update!

We start with Macaroni. On the swing. With Trenton by her side.

Chapter 10 (1)

Trenton: I’m so happy. *Sniff* She could’ve chosen someone else, but she chose me – the face one.

Grey eyebrows with a black mohawk. Awesome anyone?

Chapter 10 (2)

This is not a pointless shot.

Actually, sims can’t be killed from the computer electrifying them. Them sitting on a chair prevents death.

Chapter 10 (3)

Macaroni: Please get me out of the Legacy house Trenton!

Trenton: Uff! Alright.

Chapter 10 (4)

Macaroni: Oh yeeess!

And so Macaroni moves out. She has completed her LTW, I just didn’t take a shot of it.

For some reason they couldn’t get married, probably because I have a full house, so I’m hoping they’ll get married on their own.

Chapter 10 (5)

Steven: It’s a good thing you’re in the medical career, Pollen. I’ve been wanting you to reach level 5 since you became a young adult.

Chapter 10 (6)

Pollen: It’s just like gardening, dad. Except sims need more band-aids than plants do.

Chapter 10 (7)

I’m not even gonna…

Chapter 10 (8)

Ahw, look who’s a clone!

Chapter 10 (9)

Pyro: I’m not a clone. *Does pouty face*

Chapter 10 (10)

Yes you are.

Same skin, hair, eye colour, nose, eye shape, jaw and mouth.

Chapter 10 (11)

Bom-bom-bom! Birthday time!

Chapter 10 (12)

Steven: Ew, now I’m old and withered.

Chapter 10 (13)

I actually think you are cute.

Steven: Really? :3

He looks a bit more pudding/puffy, and cuter than ever.

Chapter 10 (14)

Legacy days when toddlers are around. I usually make them skill when their walking/talking/bathroom skills are mastered.

Chapter 10 (15)

Whoa. Sofia looks awesome. I don’t care about her disliking of children right now.

Chapter 10 (16)

And here’s Gerbera. She rolled Loves the Outdoors, a trait she now shares with her mother.

Despite the heavy jawline, she’s pretty cute.

Chapter 10 (17)

Gerbera: Ew. Who stinks?

Take your pick.

Chapter 10 (18)

The current status of the occupants wall. My definite favourite is Steven’s portrait.

Chapter 10 (19)

Despite school, homework and filling up her mood, Egg Yolk still has time to watch paintings.

She can do that, because I often forget about her. I don’t think I’ve ever had such a boring insane sim.

Chapter 10 (20)

Pollen still works on her LTW. I see she has mastered gardening.

Pollen: I’m looking fierce in my medical clothing, pampering my garden.

Chapter 10 (21)

Here’s something I didn’t notice before. Four stages of a sims’ life.

And see that purple dress? Yep, it’s pregnancy times again.

Chapter 10 (22)

OMGWTFBBQ! Someone other than Sofia is holding the kid! Perhaps this is a change in trend?

Chapter 10 (23)

Let’s pretend that’s a fire dance rather than a sparkle dance.

And I forgot to fix the carpet.

Chapter 10 (24)

Pyro: I look kinda goofy don’t I?

With that hair and face, yeah. Anyway, Pyro rolled Ambitious. (Yay new trait!)

Chapter 10 (25)

Oh my… This is a relative to Shark. She has this super wide jaw that all the Racket men have.

Although I don’t remember which of Shark’s uncles, and neither her name.

What’s-her-name: Whatchu lookin’ at?

I’m so lucky Gerbera doesn’t have that jaw.

Chapter 10 (26)

I just love the expressions in this shot, especially Egg Yolk’s.

I can relate to this. I once got a complete burn out in school. It was horrible.

Don’t postpone important things. It will come back to haunt you.

Chapter 10 (27)

Pollen: Thank you for your wonderful cooking mom. <3

Sofia: Nema problema kiddo.

Chapter 10 (28)

Sofia is the only one in the house who can cook everyone’s favourite food.

Steven chokes on shawarma and Pollen claps for grilled cheese.

Chapter 10 (29)

The obligatory shot for every legacy pregnancy.

Go go chess match!

Chapter 10 (30)

Chapter 10 (31)

Chapter 10 (32)

Shark needs logic for his career. Pyro needs logic for… lifetime points?

Chapter 10 (33)

Kid Pollen and kid Pyro, who bathes in fire.

Chapter 10 (34)

Pollen is out upgrading her nectar machine when…

Chapter 10 (35)

… she goes into labor.

Chapter 10 (36)

Not wanting to risk another birth in fire, Pollen vroom vrooms away to the hospital.

Chapter 10 (37)

Joy! It’s a boy.

Enter Chalcedony. He rolled Heavy Sleeper (like Macaroni) and Absent-Minded. He likes to listen to Soul, like his elder brother and his dad, eat Shawarma, like Steven, and his favourite colour is orange (the colour of his generation!).

About the name, I googled orange rock. Normally I wouldn’t quote Wikipedia, but I already have the tab up so; “Chalcedony (pronounced /kælˈsɛdəni/) is a cryptocrystalline form of silica, composed of very fine intergrowths of the minerals quartz and moganite.[2] These are both silica minerals, but they differ in that quartz has a trigonal crystal structure, whilst moganite is monoclinic. Chalcedony’s standard Chemical structure (Based on the chemical structure of quartz) is SiO2 (Silicon Dioxide).”

Chapter 10 (38)

Shark: I will… catch up… this time…

I think he did.

Chapter 10 (39)

Here’s Helena Greenwood.

Chapter 10 (40)

She’s neurotic.

Helena: OMG there’s a legacy boy blocking my path!

Chapter 10 (41)

And cute. I might marry her into the legacy.

Pyro: *Her head is round, like a globe. Whoa.*

Chapter 10 (42)

The trend of Sofia not holding the birthday child didn’t last long.

Sofia: ._.

Chapter 10 (43)

Is that orange eyes?

Chalcedony: You’ll see, at the new house.

What house?

Chapter 10 (44)

Oh yeah, this house.

I made a new house. I just can’t keep to a house very long, there’s always something new I want to try out.

Cue mini-tour that covers very little.

Chapter 10 (45)

By the door there’s the washing machine and dryer.

Chapter 10 (46)

On the far side of the house is a fireplace, the chess board and a bar.

Chapter 10 (47)

On the other side of the wall is a fireplace + TV.

And that’s it. Why did I even bother?

Chapter 10 (48)

Double pouty faces.

Chalcedony is exactly like Pyro, except with orange eyes.

Insta heir!

Chapter 10 (49)

Pollen: You know what’s rubbish? That we have changed house 3 times already. >: (

Chapter 10 (50)

Cosy family dining, in your underwear.

Until next time…

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