The Regnbåge Legacy – Chapter 12: Return Of A Friendly Face


Last time; Pollen was smashed by a huge meteor, people was mourning and Gerbera & Shark entered their next life stages.

C12 Title Card

Sofia: I’m so sorry pumpkin, but the Overseer missed you so much.

Pollen’s back! :D

Chapter 12 (1)

Pollen: It’s okay mum, don’t blame yourself.

Blame me. Pollen wasn’t actually needed before since I already have an heir, and in any other situation I would let her stay dead but come on, meteors are so rare.

So for just this one time, I bring back a sim from the dead.

Chapter 12 (2)

So Pollen zoom zooms home to her beloved family.

This is a great artistic shot too.

Chapter 12 (3)

Pollen: I’m home love <3.

Shark: My wish came true <3.

Chapter 12 (4)

Right in time for Egg Yolk’s birthday too.

And if you didn’t notice, Egg Yolk and her niece were teenagers at the same time for a few days.

Chapter 12 (5)


Chapter 12 (6)

Everything’s back to normal then, except with a ghost.

Also, the nose.

Chapter 12 (7)

Egg Yolk’s final trait is rolled, Hydrophobic (like Steven).

Chapter 12 (8)

Since the garden became mush after the meteor, Pollen now has to replant the garden.

Note that I replaced the nectar maker.

Chapter 12 (9)

I didn’t think of it until now, but in her meteor ghost form Pollen has the same colour scheme as our heir here.

Well, except for the hair and skin, but almost.

Chapter 12 (10)

If there was a LTW where you had to watch paintings all day, I’d certainly give it to Egg Yolk.

But her wish to become a Creature Robot Cross Breeder is just fine.

Chapter 12 (11)

Shark & Pollen: Ew, doll house mauler.

I moved in the ghosts of Shark’s family, which was kinda superfluous. I’m removing them in the near future anyway.

Chapter 12 (12)

With a career in science, I kick out Egg Yolk. Be free!

Egg Yolk: About damn time.

Chapter 12 (13)

Toddler reading is cute.

Meteor ghost don’t burn yet they emit smoke. I guess they are smokin’ hot. xD

Chapter 12 (14)

Chalcedony: Why is daddy wearing a space suit?

He’s a triple agent now (level 9 I think), and that means he always comes home with goofy costumes from other careers.

Chapter 12 (15)

Gerbera: And then the pig said “Oink!”.

This here’s Aren Dietz. He’s a face one with pink eyes. I might marry him off to Gerbera.

Chapter 12 (16)

And soon it’s Pyro’s birthday.

Chapter 12 (17)

Besides growing up with hair that doesn’t fit him, Pyro rolled Clumsy.

In the background we see a shiny Helena. Who looks very much like her mother Emerald.

Chapter 12 (18)

Mystery Pregnant Sim!

Also, Sofia is painting ducks. I want a tattoo of a duck someday.

Chapter 12 (19)

MPS is Bunny Curious.

Everyone: Why does it cry?

I have a solution for that dear people!

Chapter 12 (20)


Chalce: That fire looks intoxicating.

Chapter 12 (21)

Chalce: Okay, I’m all grown up now. You can stop cheering.

He rolls Snob.

Sofia: I think I might like this one.

Chapter 12 (22)

Chalce: What? We’re moving towns?

Yes. I need better genes. And Pollen and Shark can’t get married for some reason.

Chapter 12 (23)

Chalce: Let me just finish my birthday cake.

Chapter 12 (24)

Poof! And we are in Sunset Valley.

Can you find the house?

Chapter 12 (25)

The first thing Steven does in the new town, is to retire from his rockstardom.

He never performed any concerts anyway.

Chapter 12 (26)

Pyro: OMG OMG I’m excited about bugs just because I’m excitable and this interaction is funny!

Chalcedony photobomb. :D

Chapter 12 (27)

Steven, if you didn’t know, Pollen is back. No need to drown your sorrows.

Steven: But it’s so tasty.

I might have to sell the bar. He drinks, a lot.

Chapter 12 (28)

Pollen: I think we should get married again.

Shark: I miss being a son-in-law.

Chapter 12 (29)

And so Shark joins the family, again.

Pyro: Oi. What’s going on here?

Chapter 12 (30)

Pyro: Fine, I’ll just drop the dirty laundry on the floor and photobomb this picture.

Chapter 12 (31)

Welcome back Shark.

Chapter 12 (32)

Pyro: I’m angry about something but I don’t know what since my thought bubble is covered by a lamp.

Chapter 12 (33)

Chalce: Whoa! They make cuboids in blue? Trippy.

Chapter 12 (34)

Chalce: Why am I here?

Chapter 12 (35)

Gerbera: I can’t believe it!

Believe what?

Chapter 12 (36)

Gerbera: But it can’t be true!

What can’t be?

Chapter 12 (37)

Gerbera: Dead Space 2 isn’t coming out next Tuesday but next Friday!

Oh… I’m getting the Collector’s Edition with the replica of Isaac’s plasma cutter. :3 Releases in Europe are usually later than US releases.

Chapter 12 (38)

Chalce: Old men dancing? I have no hair. Does that make me an old man? Does that mean I should dance too?

Chapter 12 (39)

Chalce: This is too confusing! *Passes out for some reason* Zzz…

Chapter 12 (40)

Shark: One of us. One of us.

Chapter 12 (41)

With Pollen’s epic wall hiding skills, Pollen can stalk the newcomer to the house.

Chapter 12 (42)

The maid with epic sideburns!

TmwESB: I’m just doing the laundry! Please don’t hurt me!

Chapter 12 (43)

Enough with the goofy costumes Shark. Change into something else.

Chapter 12 (44)

Whoa! Much better.

Shark: I’m Regnbåge. Shark Regnbåge.

This means he has topped the law enforcement career and gotten his LTW. Joy!

Chapter 12 (45)

Chalce: This calls for a happy dance! :D

Steven & Shark out of picture: One of us. One of us.

Chapter 12 (46)

I was checking out Pyro, and saw him doing this.

It really fits the suit persona I’ve given him.

Chapter 12 (47)

Around town I spot Macaroni.

Chapter 12 (48)

And her boyfriend Trenton.

They are not family any longer (due to me not having any mods to connect the dots) and they still aren’t married.

Chapter 12 (49)

And here’s the child that once was. A Pollen clone with brown eyes and brown hair.

After Shark and Pollen had gotten married again, I made them try for a ghost baby. This is what I got.

Also, Pyro became gay with Aren.

Until next time…

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