The Regnbåge Legacy – Chapter 13: Ramblings From A Legacy Heir


Last time; Pollen came back from beyond the grave, Egg Yolk fled the house, the family moved to Sunset Valley where Pollen & Shark got married, again.

C13 Title Card

Gerbera: Oh Em Gee Oh Em Gee.

Chapter 13 (1)

Gerbera: There’s my crush.

Oh hai Trenton! Knocked up Macaroni yet?

Chapter 13 (2)

Gerbera: He’s so dreamy.

Looks like there’s another spare I can marry off.

Chapter 13 (3)

Chalce: Hmm, seems the fish isn’t biting here.

Chapter 13 (4)

Chalce: Let’s try the pool instead!

I love how you can actually get fish from the pool. How is that possible?

Chapter 13 (5)

Victoria Andrews (I think): Oh no, that legacy heir seems to be drowning! (And River McIrish who no-one cares about since she’s a pudding face.)

Chapter 13 (6)

Victoria Andrews (I’m pretty sure): Oh wait, he was only competing in a hold-your-breath contest.

How is a child able to hold its breath longer than a teenager? Maybe River is a chain smoker…

Chapter 13 (7)

Chalce: That statue. It looks like me. I might need more of these.

He’s serious. He keeps rolling wants for mirrors and statues, but I have no good place to put them.

Chapter 13 (8)

Silver: Nevermind me, I’m just a dancing ghost.

Silver is Shark’s mom. I kept her grave just for that, and she’s quite pretty.

Chapter 13 (9)

Sofia: What’s this? Oh, just a haunted table.

Chapter 13 (10)

Silver: You’ve done quite good my boy. You are the most successful in our family with your marriage into a legacy family no less.

I think the rest of the rest of the Rackets just wilted and died back in Twinbrook. Well, there was this extreme chin girl, I suppose that counts as some success.

Chapter 13 (11)

Chalce: You know what elder brother, when I become older and can actually do things, I’ll get a unicorn.

Pyro: :|

Chapter 13 (12)

Chalce: And of course I have to have a diamond. This big, at least.

Pyro: Zzzz…

Chapter 13 (13)

Chalce: But no computers. Well maybe one that’s not black or grey.

Pyro: :O

Chapter 13 (14)

Chalce: And a trophy. In gold, or orange. Because I’m awesome.

Pyro: :)

Chapter 13 (15)

Chalce: Good thing you’re here dad. I want lots of money when I become older.

Pyro & Shark: :|

Chapter 13 (16)

Pyro: If you’re going to be so awesome and get nice things, at least brush your teeth once in a while. You have the worst breath.

Chalce: ó_ò

Chapter 13 (17)

Shark: He’s right, Chalcedony.

Chalce: O_O

Chapter 13 (18)

Here’s a family portrait for you, somewhat.

Right to left; Chalcedony, Steven, Gerbera, Pyrokinesis, Sofia, Pollen and Shark.

Chapter 13 (19)

Chalce: I’m orange, and it’s my favourite colour too. Neat huh?

Chapter 13 (20)

Shark: I’m yellow, but my favourite colour is red. Which is the generation you’ll bring in.

Dance off!

Chapter 13 (21)

Chapter 13 (22)

Chapter 13 (23)

Epic Nose Girl: I think your wife & Justine won Mr. Founder.

Justine kicked butt.

Chapter 13 (24)

Gerbera: I think that assessment requires a more perceptive person.

Chapter 13 (25)

Sofia: Oh great. Now I’m dying.

Chapter 13 (26)

Gerbera: What’s going on?

Sofia: I’m dead. :)

Chapter 13 (27)

Death: Finally, a real death this time.

And you’re on the wrong side of the wall.

Chapter 13 (28)

More crying. And whining. And Gerbera’s facing the wrong direction.

Chapter 13 (29)

Sofia: Hee hee hee. Your scythe is sticking through the wall.

Chapter 13 (30)

Death: Stop laughing. Now don’t move so I can come and reap your soul.

Chapter 13 (31)

Gerbera: Where did grandma go?

Shark has tiny ears too. I didn’t notice that until now.

Chapter 13 (32)

Sofia: Please don’t take me. I want to finish that Macaroni and Cheese.

Chapter 13 (33)

But Death is eager to reap its first, real, legacy soul and Sofia is gone.

Pollen looks extra tortured.

Pollen: I hope the afterlife will be nicer to her.

Chapter 13 (34)

Gerbera: No who’s going to cook our food?

Sofia was the only one with great cooking skills. I’ll see which one will be the next Top Chef.

Chapter 13 (35)

Chalce is devastated.

Chalce: She was the only one who could make Shawarma. *Sob*

Chapter 13 (36)

Sofia died at the age of 89. She was a great co-founder. An awesome painter. Annoyingly tiny ears. I think she secretly liked children.

Painting of Sofia: No I don’t.

Oh well. Thank you for your contribution.

Chapter 13 (37)

Gerbera: Hold me dear. I’m sad.

And whiny.

Chapter 13 (38)

Gerbera: The toilet’s broken again.

Pyro: Which one?

Gerbera: I dunno. We have like four of them.

Chalce: I’d fix it. If I were a teenager.

Kids shouldn’t try to fix toilets.

Chapter 13 (39)

Pyro: We have like a bajillion simoleons. Why don’t we just replace it?

Chalce & Gerbera: >: (

Chapter 13 (40)

Chalce: I like orange, and it’s the colour of my generation. Neat huh?

Bella! :D

Chapter 13 (41)

Bella: I like red, if you couldn’t tell by the colour of my dress.

I smell possible heir spouse.~

Chapter 13 (42)

But wait!

Who is this?

Until next time…

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