About 3 Hours Of Dead Space 2



The graphics are improved, there are more gore, new enemies, new weapons, the controls are improved, the scary feeling of what-the-heck-is-going-on is back.

I don’t want to spoil anything… yet, so have some spoiler free thoughts below.

Isaac now has a voice. Imho I thought Isaac was better off silent, but his new voice is really great. It does add more depth to him.

Play the first game first, because in the second there are some major spoilers for the first game in there.

There are several suits, instead of just one. And each of them have special abilities (like this armor provides a bonus for that weapon).

Since I got the CE I got a new suit and weapon for free. The Zealot suit, which has markings on his and if you have played the first game you are gonna recognize them, and the Force Gun which is awesome for blasting away many enemies at once (especially against a new type of enemy).

Also, if you have Dead Space still installed you get the Plasma Cutter from the first game in the new game! Which I think is splendid.

So far I feel like I’ve played for a long while, yet my progress says just over 4 hours. Which is how I felt about the first game too.

Lastly I’ll bring up the scariness of the game. This time around I wasn’t as scared as when playing the first game, because back then Dead Space was the first survival horror game I ever played. With Dead Space 2, I’m still scared and creeped out but I’m enjoying it in another way. This might have to do with the fact that I started playing around noon. And it doesn’t mean the game is just using the same scares as in the previous game, I’ve seen plenty of new ways to scare me.

And I love it so much.

EDIT: Oh, and Isaac can fly in zero gravity.

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  1. I only ever played the demo for the first Dead Space. I’m a fan on games like Halo and Gears of War, so would I be interested in Dead Space? 1 or 2? I’ve looked at it before but never put serious thought into it. Maybe now is the time. and if you haven’t, you should look into Doom 3. It’s kind of old, but it’s an interesting survival horror.

    • I have played Doom 3, but it was a while back. I only played for a while but I got pretty scared.

      Dead Space was the first survival horror game I ever played and I got so scared that I had to take breaks from the game. I really recommend it, if you are into gore and like to get scared once in a while. The boss battles are awesome, you aim for the limbs rather than headshots and it really reminds you of the first Alien movie.

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