About Dead Space 2 – Spoiler Filled


Warning, spoilers!

Needle in the Eye

Almost at the end, when you reach the marker Isaac built, you are supposed to get into this machine and poke a needle into your pupil(!). You do the poking manually, and shit is that hard or what? The faster you go down with the needle, the faster Isaac’s heart thump and his eyes darts all over the place. I accidentally stabbed Isaac to death twice, but on the third try I made it with my heart in my throat. And the successful stabbing was more disgusting than the failed stabbing.

The Ending

Once you destroy the marker, after a great boss battle, Isaac sits down on the ground tired and injured. And the credits roll in the lower right corner. So I’m like “what the?”. But then a pleasant surprise, Ellie to the rescue! I was pretty much expecting that, since Ellie isn’t the kind of person who would leave Isaac behind. I also chuckled at the scene in the shuttle, which was an homage to the first game. In the first game, Isaac sat in the seat and took a breather. Then he looked to his right and saw a ghost of Nicole. In Dead Space 2, when he looked to his right he saw Ellie instead. Ellie: “What?”. And Isaac laughs a little. After the credits you hear some dialogue. Turns out, Titan (the moon of Saturn) wasn’t the only marker site. I smell sequel. Because as long as there are markers, there are necromorphs. If there would be a sequel, I’d probably get it.

Tram Ride

At one point in the game (perhaps somewhere in the middle?), you take the tram to somewhere to do something. As you go towards the front of the train you meet necromorphs to blast, and at the end you use your rocket boots to blast to the train in front, dodging debris on the way. In the next train it all of a sudden dives down and you slide down the train shooting necromorphs on the way. But that isn’t all. At the end you get stuck with your foot hanging upside down as enemies surrounds you. Then, from the train, a big baddie tries to smash you so you gotta shoot the arm off it before you get crushed by the train wagon. This was action-packed and it was hilarious.

E-Button Moments

There are some quick time events in the game. Like when an enemy jumps up on you and tries to sever your head or something. Sometimes I didn’t expect it, so you better be prepared for it – at all times.

Bird Tower

At another point in the game you take a long elevator ride up to a tower filled with birds. The guy up there (forgot his name) was constantly under surveillance of the VI ANTI. He had sent like a bajillion transfer requests but never received any answers. And he’s lying dead in his bead, and you can read his logs all over the place. I felt kinda sad for him. I used his dead body to pass a security door, at least he came to use.

Rocket Chair

Speaking of the bird tower, after aligning some solar panels (oh that was the reason!), you had to get down again. But no ordinary way is sufficient, no, sit in the chair and get launched down in high speed dodging enormous debris and crash down hard. Ah, the adrenaline.


I should probably read up on this, but what I remember about the unitologists is that they are obsessed with the marker and batshit insane. At a point in the game you have to go through the Unitology church and museum in one. Creepy I say.


Speaking of unitologists, early in the game a woman named Daina helps you with directions. Once you get to her – BAM – she’s a unitologist! Then a warship comes and fills her with lead. So satisfying.


Ellie is unique, she is one of the few that hasn’t betrayed Isaac. She’s tough and can handle herself against necromorphs. If a sequel is made, I’m hoping she joins Isaac in blasting some necromorphs.

Isaac’s Psychotic Episodes

All throughout the game, the screen tints to yellow and Nicole interacts with Isaac in some way. It can be just talking or an interaction. The best moment is when Nicole attacked Isaac with a needle, when the yellow passed it turns out Isaac was the one holding the needle. That was scary.


A few times, 2 maybe 3, you had to use dead bodies to pass security scans. That was fun xD. Speaking of that, the ability to take necromorph claws and impale them on others is genius.


Stross… He was delightfully crazy, but once he stabbed Ellie he went to far and deserved to die. Screwdriver to the head!


Remember the Ishimura, the place where most of the first game took place? Well, you get to revisit it! Now it’s all covered in tape and plastic, and still filled with necromorphs.


Ah, Nicole. Most of the game Nicole is very aggressive and mean towards Isaac. Only after Isaac admitted his reasons for coming to the Ishimura in Dead Space she calms down significantly. Isaac was afraid to lose her, since she was his everything. Really? According to Nicole they only knew each other for 2 years… Yeah… But once Isaac got to the marker Nicole went nuts and tried to kill Isaac in his mind (which is the final battle btw). I knew there was something fishy about her. Hopefully that’s the last of her.

Giant Drill

When arriving to the moon shard, Ellie drives a giant drill through the rock to reach the marker. Epic!

Boss Battles

Comparing to the first game, there were less boss battles, at least I think so. In the first game there were at least 2 big ones with the behind weakness, a big one in a zero gravity chamber, at least 2 regenerating super stalkers and the final boss. In Dead Space 2 there were one ugly stalker, 2 biggies, and 3 zero gravity tentacle missile beasts and the last boss. Maybe it wasn’t less, but it felt like there wasn’t as much epicness as in the first game.

New Enemies

There were many new enemies; pukers, raptors, children, exploding babies, big ones… The raptors where the most annoying since the hide and charge you really fast. Keep that stasis handy!

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