About Dead Space 2 – Spoiler Free



Hacking is a new mini-game in Dead Space 2. You rip off a panel and stick up your arms to twist some cables or something. You see a small circle with a piece of pie, you spin the pie piece to find blue pie pieces. Find three and voilà. Find a red one and you get zapped. Although I should mention that once you find the pie piece you have to click on it for it to work. ^^’ I like this mini-game, since you don’t do it that much it doesn’t become overused.

Suits of Armor

Throughout the game you find more armor suits to wear. Although the way of upgrading it is different from the first game. In the first game you had one suit, and you found schematics for upgrades to buy at the store. This suit upgraded in looks, armor and inventory space. In Dead Space 2 on the other hand, you buy a new suit each time. Each of the suits look differently and has a special bonus ability. But you can still pick any suit you want and still have the same inventory space and upgrades, which is really good. I think I kind of encountered a bug in the game. I bought a better suit, and then all of a sudden I couldn’t find the suit I wanted to change to in the inventory. It was in the store, so I had to buy it again (which didn’t really do anything since it cost 0 credits). But then another suit was found in the store, for 20 000 credits. WTF? I think it had to do with the fact that I stuck with the Zealot Suit all the way.

The Dark

Dead Space 2 was very much darker than the first game. And by that I mean the lighting. There were many instances where I couldn’t see shit. I recall in the beginning it was very dark, in a moment where you want the least darkness. But you won’t miss any ammo on the ground since they glow slightly, as does containers and lockers.

Flying in Zero Gravity

Unlike the first game, where you darted from side to side in zero gravity, you can fly free. It’s a great freedom, but keep in mind the z button to orient yourself since it’s easy to spin around enough to get motion sickness.

Nodes & Node Rooms

Nodes are used for upgrading your weapons, stasis thingie and suit. You can find them or buy them for 10k credits. Very useful, I use them to upgrade one weapon and the suit. The rest I use for a secondary weapon and the stasis thingie. Btw, if you upgrade the Dead Space Plasma Cutter you upgrade the Dead Space 2 Plasma Cutter at the same time! The other use for nodes are the nodes rooms, as I call them. Basically you use a node to open a treasure room. Sometimes it’s totally worth it, sometimes it’s not. The treasure is random I might add. In the first game I didn’t bother with them, but in the second I unlocked everyone I found. If you play your cards right, you will have enough nodes to fully upgrade the suit and one weapon and some more, and still have enough to open the node rooms. Just keep one node with you at all times to be safe.


I don’t remember if this was present in the first game but this time you can stomp your dead enemies for extra ammo. Very satisfactory, extra ammo/credits and you get to stomp on the tormenting necromorphs. :D

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