The Regnbåge Legacy – Chapter 16: Unofficial Red


Last time; Steven died, Gerbera became a young adult, Pollen completed her LTW & the family moved to a new house.

C16 Title Card

Chalce: I’m still doing homework? How come I’m not a young adult yet?

Well, Pyro has to grow up and then you have at least 5 more days before you grow up.

Chalce: Figures.

Chapter 16 (1)

Gerbera: You seem awfully short today, Mortimer. You need to grow up.

Chapter 16 (2)

Why wait, when I can grow him up with cake. Was that possible to do in Sims 2?

Chapter 16 (3)

Shark is an excellent replacement painter, proven here.

Ninjas in painting: We approve!

Chapter 16 (4)

Ghost hug! With sparkles.

Chapter 16 (5)

Now Gerbera can kiss her bf again.

I dressed him in black since he’s the bf of a spare, and it’s his favourite colour.

Chapter 16 (6)

Gerbera: Don’t get any grass stains on your pants, Mortimer.

Chapter 16 (7)

Mortimer: I want to save you from this crazy house with this lens flare ring!

Chapter 16 (8)

Gerbera: Yes yes yes!

Bella: This is bad comedy.

I don’t hate Bella, she’s just funny to make fun of.

Chapter 16 (9)

Pyro: I wish for… the Observer to remember to have the walls up when taking screenshots.


Chapter 16 (10)

The eye. The eye!

Chapter 16 (11)

Pyro: Oh yeah.

Pyro rolls Unflirty.

Pyro: Impossible!

His LTW is to become the CEO of a mega corporation. Told ya he fit the business style.

Chapter 16 (12)

Pyro: And so I leave you, legacy house.

With a job in the business career, I kick Pyro out of the house.

Chapter 16 (13)

Later, this happens…

Chapter 16 (14)

And so Gerbera becomes a Goth. Mortimer was the one to propose after all.

Chapter 16 (15)

Gerbera: Hurry! We need to make a grandchild before dad dies.

She’s barefoot. xD

Chapter 16 (16)

Cue baby lullaby.

Chapter 16 (17)

Mortimer: An invisible ring! :D

Chapter 16 (18)

Mortimer: Oh well, off to the haunted manor then.

Chapter 16 (19)

Gerbera: Derp.

The new Goth follows.

Chapter 16 (20)

Now that Chalce is the only child left in da house, he gets a big bed and a bigger room.

Btw, that is the bed Gerbera & Mort woohoo’d in.

Chapter 16 (21)

And an easel, and a TV.

Chapter 16 (22)

Our heir is still inventing.

Chapter 16 (23)

Our yellow spouse is still painting.

Chapter 16 (24)

I forgot to mention, Chalce has an aquarium now.

I wonder if he can keep ’em all alive.

Chapter 16 (25)

See the small minnows there?

Chapter 16 (26)

Pollen: I don’t have that many test subjects anymore.

Chapter 16 (27)

Pollen: I’ll just do it myself.

Chapter 16 (28)

How do ghosts eat?

Chapter 16 (29)

Ding ding ding $$$!

Chapter 16 (30)

Chalce: Nothing’s better than riding a motorcycle. Where are my cards?

Chapter 16 (31)

Here’s something new, Stiles has reproduced.

Chapter 16 (32)

And Gerbera’s in the making.

Gerbera: There’s a maid behind me. I hope it’s not yours.

Chapter 16 (33)

Chalce is working at his cooking skills.

Chapter 16 (34)

It’s not always going well…

Chapter 16 (35)

… but he’s trying.

Chapter 16 (36)

Two possessed chairs! C-C-C-Combo!

Chapter 16 (37)

Pollen: Hmm, let’s see here…

Chapter 16 (38)

Pollen: You are expecting a boy. :)

Chapter 16 (39)

Gerbera: This requires a celebration with coffee.

She really is pretty. I see a lot of Silver in her.

Chapter 16 (40)

Shark: I might become a grandfather before I die. :D

Chapter 16 (41)

Chalce: What was I doing?

Chapter 16 (42)

Shark: You are about to work your butt of on the treadmill, maggot!

Our heir has a LTW, which I’ve forgotten to mention, which is to become a master theif.

Chapter 16 (43)

I like this one, just as an artistic shot.

Chapter 16 (44)

Chalce: I’m all alone, here on the bus.

It’s kinda strange to only have 3 active sims on the lot. Please grow up soon Chalcedony!

Chapter 16 (45)

A few days later, Pollen holds her first grandchild, Hans.

Chapter 16 (46)

Chalce, being the klepto that he is, takes the opportunity to steal a mirror.

Chapter 16 (47)

Cornelia: How could you, Mortimer? I wanted a granddaughter!

Let’s wrap up there.

Until next time…

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