The Regnbåge Legacy – Chapter 17: Enter Black Hair


Last time; Pyro grew up and moved out, Gerbera became a Goth and had a son named Hans.

C17 Title Card

Woot! I have title cards now! (Also, by now all the former chapters have)

Steven, the nose ghost. And if you squint, you can see Chalce’s head through Steven’s head.

Chapter 17 (1)

Think about it; Pollen, a ghost, is a doctor who helps the living survive at a place where the dead rest.

What about the park?

Chapter 17 (2)

Pollen: Hmm, it seems your heart is too small.

Chapter 17 (3)

Pollen: Eat this and you’ll be fine.

Blair: If you say so.

She’s so cute.

Chapter 17 (4)

Chalce: This is getting tiring.

Then take a shower and go to sleep. I’d rather not have you electrocute yourself and die.

Chapter 17 (5)

Chalce brings home Bunny Curious, no wait. That’s her daughter, Leliani.

Why does she look exactly the same? I don’t know…

Chapter 17 (6)

Stop whining, your birthday is around the corner.

Chalce: I don’t believe you.

Chapter 17 (7)

Look who’s where, a grown up Kaylynn.

Minus points for the baby blue track pants but definite brownie points for the yellow tank top.

Chapter 17 (8)

Chalce: There’s something different about you today, bb.

Kay: Yeah, I’ve grown up.

Chapter 17 (9)

Kay: Whoa! A ghost!

Chalce: Why can’t I play? D:

Chapter 17 (10)

Pollen: I’m Pollen, the ghost doctor.

Kay: Oh, you’re my future mother-in-law. Nice to meet you.

Chapter 17 (11)

Pollen: Hehe, how about you swallow this?

Chapter 17 (12)

Pollen: I’m sorry, I didn’t know it would lower our relationship.

I lost the joke.

Chapter 17 (13)

Shark: So you are Kaylynn, our new daughter-in-law.

Kay: Yepp.

Chapter 17 (14)

Shark: I hope you marry him before I die.

Kay: I’m certainly going to try, sir. I have great plans for your son.

Chapter 17 (15)

Kay: But first I need a makeover. Can’t charm a legacy heir with this get-up.

Chapter 17 (16)

Oh yeah!

This is where the Fast Lane stuff pack was new, I just had to get that jumpsuit on her.

Chapter 17 (17)

As an official household member she gets to fix the dishwasher.

Yay for handiness points!

Chapter 17 (18)

When did you get singed?

Chalce: You keep making me invent, and I sometimes forget I’m holding a blowtorch.

Chapter 17 (19)

Chalce: Why is this pretty woman sleeping in my bed?

It’s your girlfriend!

Chalce: But it’s my bed! D:

Chapter 17 (20)

Sigh. Just take a nap then.

Why won’t he sleep with her (well, not literally)? They are in the going steady status. Because it can be considered as pedophilia?

Whatever, it’s dumb.

Chapter 17 (21)

Kay: What do you mean my house burnt down? I live in a legacy household now.

Chapter 17 (22)

Kay: This house has grilled cheese? This just becomes better and better.

If you are wondering about Kaylynn’s traits, favourites or LTW, I’ll tell you in the next chapter.

Chapter 17 (23)

Chalce: Oh yeah, my bb is hawt.

Absent-Minded sims everyone!

Chapter 17 (24)

Chalce: Must look fine for my bb.

Chapter 17 (25)

Kay’s portrait.

In this shot is also a clue to her LTW.

Chapter 17 (26)

All of a sudden, Pollen grows up. To an elder right?

Chapter 17 (27)

No, to an adult.

After I resurrected Pollen, her age bar reset. I was going to grow her up a while after that but I forgot.

Chapter 17 (28)

Kay: C’mon you stupid fridge! Gimme your grilled cheese!

Fridge: No! You’ve had enough. Let Pollen have some.


Chapter 17 (29)

Chalce: DAT ASS.

Chapter 17 (30)

I got Kay her own bed, only to stop Chalce’s whining.

Chapter 17 (31)

Kay: What? My old house did burn down?

Chapter 17 (32)

Yay! People for a party! From front to back.

Pyro, Stiles’ kid (those eyes!), Parker (Kay’s brother), decapitated Mortimer, decapitated Agnes, decapitated Stiles and someone’s decapitated leg.

I’ve loved the word decapitated ever since this thing.

Chapter 17 (33)

Pollen: How are you holding up son?

Pyro: Bella is my girlfriend now. And I have a son named Stephan. (Which we’ll never see since I never bothered to visit him)

Chapter 17 (34)

Ooh! Preggers dress! Are you preggers Gerbera?

Gerbera: No, I wear it just to screw with your head.

That dress is branded as the preggers dress to me. Each time I’m fooled, I die a little inside.

Chapter 17 (35)

Kay: Yay, bb, soon we can sleep in the same bed!

Chapter 17 (36)


Total photobomb by Stiles’ kid.

Chapter 17 (37)

Hahaha! I didn’t notice the fused StilesShark until today xD.

Chapter 17 (38)

Chalce: Even though I’m wearing my brother-in-law’s formal clothes, I’m gonna party ’til the end of time.

He’s a Party Animal now. Steven would be so proud.

Chapter 17 (39)

Chalce: And I’ll steal myself to wealth. Nyeh he he.

Chapter 17 (40)

Chalce: No, seriously, this won’t do.

Chapter 17 (41)

Chalce: This. Is AWESOME!

It’s the same clothes as before.



So now you probably think, the next generation will arrive in the next chapter now that Chalce is a YA, but no. There’s still one chapter clad in orange left.

Until next time…

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