The Regnbåge Legacy – Chapter 18: Show Some Emotion!


C18 Title Card

Last time; Kaylynn joined the household & Chalcedony finally grew up.

Let’s start with some introductions.

Chalcedony Card

Doesn’t he have the most awesome set of traits ever?

Kaylynn Card

Kay’s other trait was Friendly and the one I rolled for her is Computer Whiz. Her LTW is to top the political career, kinda boring but okay.

Oh, and she likes to listen to Kids music (multiples possibility?), eat Grilled Cheese and her favourite colour is White.

Chapter 18 (1)

Ever since I got Chalce’s LTW to be a master thief, I wanted to cover him with tattoos.

You know, since he’s a badass criminal-to-be and all. ;)

Chapter 18 (2)

Chalce: Let’s see if this works.

Chapter 18 (3)

Chalce: Ugh! What a disaster.

Because you can’t look intimidating with a pink woohoo heart on your arm.

Chapter 18 (4)

Chalce: I’m too tired to try more today. Let’s erase this mistake.

Chapter 18 (5)

Chalce: Look at me brother! I have dance skills! :D

Pyro: Not now, I’m watching how to beat Superman 64.

Chapter 18 (6)

Chalce: Make something nice now dad.

Shark: Ha! This will be a walk in the park.

Chapter 18 (7)

Chalce: FFFUUU…

Chapter 18 (8)

Chalce: Thanks a lot, dad.

Shark: :)

Chapter 18 (9)

Chalce: This is getting painful, I have to go to the salon to get it right.

Chapter 18 (10)

Chalce: Gotta look fine when I get inked by…

Chapter 18 (11)

Chalce: My dead grandpa! Holy moly! When did you get inked, I mean when did you get resurrected?

Chapter 18 (12)

Chalce: I’m getting inked by an undead. Whoa!

I think Steven’s here because I moved Egg Yolk and Macaroni here, but I’m not so sure.

Chapter 18 (13)

Oh hai Egg Yolk! Seems like someone has been able to breed.

Also, spot the continuity error!

Chapter 18 (14)

Why are you still in the graveyard Pollen?

Chapter 18 (15)

Here’s a shot of Chalce’s tats (and sexy body!). A more detailed view will come in future chapters.

Chapter 18 (16)

Chalce: Hey bb, give me some much wanted sugar. ;)

Chapter 18 (17)

Here you can see the little freezer bunny on his wrist.

Chapter 18 (18)

Kay: Hey, bb, let’s woohoo.

Chapter 18 (19)

Chalce: But aren’t we supposed to marry first, or at least get engaged?

Chapter 18 (20)

Kay: No! I’ve waited long enough.

Chapter 18 (21)

Chalce: Then let’s get it on, bb.

Chapter 18 (22)

Chalce has a heir portrait.

Chapter 18 (23)

Pollen: What the heck dad? Didn’t you resurrect as a tattoo artist?

Steven: What? No! That’s my evil tattooing twin brother the Overseer’s never brought up.

Now you’re just making stuff up, my man.

Chapter 18 (24)

Shark: Oh hey pretty blonde face one~.

Gerbera: I’m watching you, daddy!

Chapter 18 (25)

Kay: Chalce. Chalce. Chalce.

Chalce: What? I’m playing Superman 64.

Kay: I want to get married.

Chapter 18 (26)

Chalce: Will this love song in French convince you to wait until after I finish this ring section?

Chapter 18 (27)

Kay: You’re kidding, right?

Chapter 18 (28)

Chalce: But I learned the song from my dad.

Chapter 18 (29)

Chalce: But I’ll bow to your perfectionist wishes this time, bb.

Chapter 18 (30)

Kay: So, show me the rock.

Chalce: I’m getting too it.

Chapter 18 (31)

Kay: Oh my! That is the shiniest rock I’ve ever seen!

Chapter 18 (32)

Kay: My eyes!

Chapter 18 (33)

Kay: Thanks bb.

Chalce: You’re welcome bb.

Chapter 18 (34)

Shark: So mom, you are dead. Right?

Chapter 18 (35)

Shark: That means I’ll be dead soon too.

Chapter 18 (36)

Silver: It doesn’t matter now, the TV is broken again.

Chapter 18 (37)

Shark: We should be able to buy a billion TVs with all the money we have.

But a small, cheap TV is cute! :3 And handiness points keeps Death away.

Painting-of-Egg Yolk: I wouldn’t be so sure about that, dude.


Chapter 18 (38)

Here’s the location of the new house. Near Kay’s workplace no less. How neat!

Chapter 18 (39)

Kay: Bb, stop inventing so we can get married.

Chapter 18 (40)

Chalce: But I just made a cute whale toy. :<

Chapter 18 (41)

Oi, Shark…

Chapter 18 (42)

Why’d you stop? It looks good so far.

Chapter 18 (43)


Chapter 18 (44)

Death: Oh yeah, I made it on the right side this time.

Chapter 18 (45)

Chalce: I won’t like you for this. :(

And is Shark bowing?

Chapter 18 (46)

Shark: Please let me live! I want to see my (awesome) son get married and the next gen kids be born.

Death: Pfft. You had plenty of time to get married and breed, kids.

Chapter 18 (47)

Kaylynn, show some emotion!

Chapter 18 (48)

Look at the pro.

That’s sadness.

Chapter 18 (49)

Kay: Well, that’s one out the way.


Chapter 18 (50)

Kay: You seem distressed, bb.

Chapter 18 (51)

Chalce: My dad just died, bb.

Chapter 18 (52)

Kay: Let’s wait with the wedding until you really want to. Okay, bb?

Chapter 18 (53)

Chalce: That will be fine, bb.

Maybe Kay will calm down once she becomes a mother?

Chapter 18 (54)

FFFUUU… This chapter was supposed to include a wedding and perhaps a baby, but Shark decided to go instead.

Sigh. Shark went away at the age of 99, so he wasn’t too young to go. He was a very low maintenance sim, with some pretty nice paint skills.

Thank you for your contribution!

This was the last orange chapter. I bet you’re pretty tired of the orange by now. ;)

Until next time…

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