Welcome To The World O’ Wonders!


Well on Phleebut, someone else lands shortly after you. It’s the Arnoid! *Insert Terminator joke here*

Since you’d probably not want him to get a hold of you, looking so intimidating with that speedo invisibility belt of his, run off ’til you see Godzilla in the distance.

I just have to add that the music here is very atmospheric and a bit creepy.

Go there to find the World O’ Wonders shop, run by Fester Blatz. He’s a Phleebhutinskis, the last one of his kind. According to the wiki, their babies grow in the parents’ noses until the fall out of their sheer weight or the parent sneeze hard enough.

He’s got all sorts of neat things but alas you have no buckazoids to spend.

Solve that problem by selling your glowing gem, which doesn’t glow anymore. Wth?

I’ll add that in there, the sound was horrible, I’ll have to change the sound setting before the next entry.

At the shop, there are post cards of different wacky locations. One card’s description catches my attention.

Beta Alpha Starless Region

Looking for some real solitude? Come to a place that’s so far from everything that you can’t even see stars. Mind-numbing boredom greets you as you drift aimlessly through nothing. A must for the brain-dead!

After buying everything you can buy; the Astro Chicken Flight Hat, the Orat on a Stick, the ThermoWeave Underwear, let’s try some immature sayings.

Kill Fester. (from the LP I might add)

You’ve come this far without resorting to crime; don’t start now.

Break case. (also from the LP)

Come on, don’t tear the place up!

Kiss Fester.

Not a real appealing thought.

I also can’t buy the cool skeleton because apparently nobody buys that stuff.

Don the hat (for extra points) and exit.

Uh oh, the Arnoid has caught up to you. And you lose the hat. :(

Remember the whistle from Space Quest 2? Roger never paid for it and with his indeterminate time floating through space the interest has upped the prize to 400 000 buckazoids.

Non-payment is a serious offense.

The Arnoid gives you ten slow seconds to escape and if you are caught you are toast. Or a wrung rag.

To be rid of him, you need to kill him. There are two choices; mangle by gears inside a giant Godzilla or eaten by space pods. I’ll go with the latter since it nets more points.

The pods aren’t that hard to find, to the right of an area with lots of rocks. How they look? Well…

For a brief moment, you could swear they were just a bunch of dancing raisins. But, a closer look indicates otherwise. The leech-like creatures appear to have connected themselves to this overhang with a gelatinous adhesive secretion. YUCK!

Now you just have to lure the Arnoid there, which is a bitch because he gets lost sometimes only to pop up at random to insta-kill you.

After some trial and error I finally lure the bastard beneath the pods and OM NOM NOM he’s scrap metal!

In the LP, it took a few attempts for LordKat to get Arnoid’s invisibility belt, but I got in on the first try.

This is all you have to do here, on Phleebut.

Our next destination, is to get some food. To Monolith Burger!

Total Death Count: 5
Points Count: 238

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