Y U No Put Gem In Mouth?


That’s only useful in Space Quest II.

It’s been a while, but here’s Space Quest III with your’s truly. Since I’ve seen the oh so wonderful LP of this game lots of times I think I can almost make it without the assistance of the Virtual Broom Closet.

To start things off, let’s type in some immature things. ;)

Something that doesn’t apply, like most stupid things

Pardon me. This program is too stupid to glean your desire from such a wonderfully crafted sentence. Please try something else.

Get naked.

I’ll get naked if you get naked. You go first.


Hey! Don’t be a baby

Shit your pants.

Hey! What kind of talk is that?

Take a dump.

Do me a favor and try rephrasing that thought.


Your utterance echoes about the metallic confines of the area. No answer is forthcoming.

Enough of that, for now. ;D

So with the third game you can have graphic and sound settings, as well as a mouse setting. I didn’t know what to choose at all, but I did choose the MT-32 for sound (this being the reason).

What should happen is beginning is that Roger’s chest would explode from that little green alien from the last game, but instead his pod gets picked up by a robot-controlled garbage freighter.

There are three things to get in order to escape.

  • The warp modulator, sitting right in front of you at the beginning. You use a claw machine over the meat grinder, get there by using the junk elevator. Pick it up and put it in the new ship, the Aluminum Mallard.
  • The reactor. Down a hole with some creepy rats looming over you. It’s by the far left wall.
  • The wires. Alongside the reactor they are.

There’s also the ladder, which you put in your pants (Ouch!), but you don’t get to keep it though.

Soon you also get burgled by the rats in the hole. And you just have to get them again.

So I think I’m about to get into the ship and leave this scrap hole when I slip on the roof and fall to my death. So I have to do things all over again, I forgot to save. D’Oh!

It’s one of the cheapest deaths, but also one of the funniest ones.

Once you get inside the ship be sure to install your components, the modulator doesn’t require installation.

And before you decide you shoot your way out, put up some front shields and face sudden decompression.

But wait, someone is hunting you. It’s Arnoid (try to guess the inspiration ;P )!

I’m off to Phleebut! :D

Total Death Count: 3
Points Count: 135

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