Struggling With Chickens & Eating Strange Things


I finally got the right sound! I chose AdLib Music Synthesizer Card. For graphics I chose EGA/VGA with RGB Monitor – 16 colors.

We arrive at Monolith Burger as the same time as the Enterprise leaves. Woot!

The place is swamped with all sorts of weird aliens. One looks like Jabba.

The pushy counter clerk has… let’s count… 10 noses. And the reason he’s pushy you’ll see when you order some food.

Would you like something to drink with that? Yes or Yes. And each time he asks you such a question his face becomes more and more zoomed in.


The thing you are supposed to get is a fun meal, because you want the fun meal prize. A decoder ring.

What are you supposed to use that for? Well, hop over to the Astro Chicken Arcade Machine and you’ll see.

Astro Chicken is hard. They weren’t kidding.

After struggling for a while, turning down the speed didn’t help much, the game takes pity on me and I’m given a secret message.

With the help of the decoder ring you can decipher the message. I won’t need to since I already know.

The two guys from Andromeda are being held captive at ScumSoft on the moon of Pestulon. And Roger is to save them!

But before we leave Monolith Burger, let’s buy some Big Belcher Combos.

The reward is revealed when you try to leave.

You can almost guess what’ll happen.

Total Death Count: 5 (not counting the many deaths in Astro Chicken)
Points Count: 378


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