Hawtness Of Ortega


Whenever I load up the game I always take the time to awe at the awesome theme song. :D

The only planet left to travel to, wow what an empty galaxy, is the hawt lava planet Ortega. Good thing I bought the ThermoWeave Underwear from the World O’ Wonders on Phleebut.

How does a pair of underwear keep your whole body cool anyway?

Whatever, it’s Space Quest, it doesn’t have to make total sense because it’s fun without much logic.

To the left is a way to pass over the lava, I would’ve made it over to see one part of the land sink but I fell down instead and promptly became fondue. Oops.

Try again and on the other side are two guys in blue. Take a look at them to see that they are from ScumSoft, the company that kidnapped the Two Guys from Andromeda!

Stand around for a bit and they leave in their space ship soon enough. Hmm. They left some fine equipment behind, morons.

Take a look in the telescope to see a shield generator. And the moon of Pestulon!

Since shields are serious shit in space, you need to take it out in order to get to Pestulon.

Grab the pole and a detonator. It’ll come in handy in time.

Walk a bit and you’ll arrive at the purple generator that is really easy to spot. Design flaw, no?

The hum it emits makes my ears go weird. It’s hard to explain.

For some reason, Roger moves really fast in this area. And I have normal on the speed setting.

At the top, after climbing the ladder I get to close and fall to my death. Nice.

Do over!

I die again. Sigh. I’m having trouble with the blasted words again.

At the third try, it goes boom. Now you can get to the moon! :D

But uh oh, the explosion has set off a chain reaction and you gotta get off the planet before it goes more boom!


The pole is used to pole vault yourself over the recent gap in the ground.

The Romanian judge gives you a 9.5! A truly outstanding jump by one of the finest young athletes we’ve seen this season. You’d like to try that again, but your pole seems to have fallen into the tumultuous lava below.

Get to the Aluminum Mallard and GTFO of Ortega.

Now to ScumSoft, and to save the Two Guys!

Total Death Count: 8
Points Count: 458


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