The Regnbåge Legacy – Chapter 20: Honeymoon In Sand


C20 Title Card

Chalce has had too many covers already, so let’s give one to Kay.

Last time; Pollen topped the medical career, Chalce & Kay got married, twin boys Steak and Tenderloin were born.

Chapter 20 (1)

When it was yellow it was okay, when it was orange it was okay. But red? Yuck!

This is the last gen I’m using colored lights in the bathroom.

Chapter 20 (2)

Kay: My favourite is growing up!

Who? I can’t tell!

Chapter 20 (3)

Kay: This one is not my favourite.

And it is…?

Chapter 20 (4)

Tenderloin: Brother. Brother. Brother. Wake up! Wake up!

Chapter 20 (5)

Tenderloin: Nevermind, I’ll just sleep in the air.

Chapter 20 (6)

Kay: This is Steak, my favourite. He has my eyes and my nose but my bb’s hair and mouth.

Chapter 20 (7)

Chalce: This is Tenderloin, my favourite. He has my eyes and dad’s eye colour but my bb’s hair and nose.

Chapter 20 (8)

Chalce: Go for something athletic, my son. It gives some great muscles. Just look at me!

Tenderloin: But I’d rather play video games.

Chapter 20 (9)

Kay: Go for music, Steak. I could use something nice accompanying my future campaigns.

Steak: *Is not musically inclined at all*

Chapter 20 (10)

Kay: Ew, is it your fav who’s stinky?

Chalce: Your’s the one who’s pooping.

Tenderloin: No, it’s definitely me. CHANGE ME!

Chapter 20 (11)

Despite blatant favouritism, they still love each other.

Chapter 20 (12)

Kay: Two tickets, please.

Chalce: We’re going somewhere?

Kay: Egypt. Pack your bags!

Chapter 20 (13)

In Egypt, shiny adventures await them.

Chapter 20 (14)

Kay: Hmm. What a nice rock. It’s kinda squishy, and it’s moving.

Kay: A bug! … Neat. :)

Chapter 20 (15)

Yellow Light: Look behind you!

Chalce: Wha?

Chapter 20 (16)

Chalce: Oh there! Pretty. :D

Chapter 20 (17)


Foreign types with the hookah pipes say
Ay oh whey oh, ay oh whey oh
Walk like an Egyptian

Chapter 20 (18)

Chalce: What was I going to do again?

Egypt Woman: Receive a quest from me?

Chalce: No, I was sure it had something to do with crocodiles.

Chapter 20 (19)

Kay: This place seems awfully vacant of fish.

Go somewhere they are jumping instead, or somewhere you actually see that there are fish.

Chapter 20 (20)

By night it’s time to grill veggies.

Chapter 20 (21)

Chalce: You know, bb, the tomato is not a veggie anymore.

Kay: I don’t care.

Neither do I, it’s still a veggie in my book.

Chapter 20 (22)

Chalce: :D ?

Chapter 20 (23)

Adventure Tourist: COULD YOU KEEP QUIET? Please?

Chapter 20 (24)

Chalce: D:

Adventure Tourist: Thank you.

Chapter 20 (25)

But in the morning…

Chapter 20 (26)

Chalce: Woo!

Chapter 20 (27)

Chalce: I’m pumped for adventure! Oh yeah!

Chapter 20 (28)

Kay: Kaylynn smash!

Chapter 20 (29)

Kay: Ah, Steak. I wonder how he’s doing.

I wouldn’t worry, even though she’s a ghost, Pollen is a great care-taker.

Chapter 20 (30)

Kay: A sarcophagus…

Chapter 20 (31)

Kay: I wonder what’s inside.

Chapter 20 (32)

Chalce: Kay?

Chapter 20 (33)

Chalce: Are you in there?

Chapter 20 (34)

Chalce & Kay: :D

Chapter 20 (35)

Back home, to waffles.

Chapter 20 (36)

Chalce: * Back to regular life, huh.*

Chapter 20 (37)

Kay: *Back to diapers and screaming.*

Where was Pollen in this chapter?

Until next time…

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