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February Portrait Sketches – 26


Whoa! This was beautiful!

It kinda reminds me of a work of the great Amano.

At Louisiana, Humlebaek


I love Louisiana. The exhibitions are for the most part interesting (I’m looking at you disappointing manga exhibition!) and the buffet, oh the buffet!

This time, the buffet was the worst but above are the only good things.

Bread with lemon and chives. So delicious! Watercress cream. Good with the bread and… Cold Bloody Veal. I would’ve preferred it warm though.

As a pretty new tradition I got a exhibition poster. I got a Picasso one because the Walton Ford ones were sold out.

On the right is my Max Ernst poster from 09. I loved that exhibition!

This was the picture I wanted as a poster but was sold out.

I got it as an art card instead.