The Regnbåge Legacy – Chapter 21: Red Around The Eyes


C21 Title Card

I apologize if all the red hurts your eyes, I really need to learn how to make proper title cards.

Also, this starts an attempt of me making one chapter a day for one week!

I think I can make it. :)

Last time; Chalce & Kay went on a honeymoon in Egypt, the twins grew up to toddlers.

Chapter 21 (1)

Ah, Erin. I made you co-founder once. Your nose was very persistent.

Chapter 21 (2)

Pollen: How about it, Pyro? Wanna have some pills?

Pyro: I think you need counseling, mom.

Chapter 21 (3)

Whoa! Eat something Hans!

Chapter 21 (4)

Told ya you’d get a good view of Chalce’s tats.

The eagle is an homage to his dad, Shark. Every man in the Racket family has that eagle tattoo I think.

Chapter 21 (5)

And the butterfly and heart are also an homage to Shark.

Chapter 21 (6)

The sparkles are an homage to Sofia, the co-founder. Chalce also has a money sign and a post it on his ankles, don’t know if I have any pics of that.

Pyro: Lookin’ good clone brotha.

Chapter 21 (7)

Hans: Uncle, I’ve just joined the Grilled Cheese Association. You should too.

Chapter 21 (8)

Chalce: Pfft, nephew of mine, Shawarma is the way of the founder, therefore it is superior.

Chapter 21 (9)

Kay: Big brother! :D I thought the overly happy lake monster ate you!

Chapter 21 (10)

Parker: Um, sis… Our house burnt down, remember? I’ve been livin’ in a trailer park.

Kay: Oh…

Chapter 21 (11)

Pollen: You know what’d help you out of the trailer park? Being my pill guinea pig!

Parker: Umm, thanks but no thanks, mrs Regnbåge.

Tenderloin: Grandma’s hair smells like burning.

Chapter 21 (12)

Hans & Steak: *He has the same hair colour as me*

Chapter 21 (13)

Kay: Hurr durr derp, my fav is growing up! 8D

Chapter 21 (14)

Poof! Steak rolls Never Nude.

Chapter 21 (15)

Kay: Why do I hold my non-favourite? :|

Chapter 21 (16)

Poof! Tenderloin rolls Good.

Chapter 21 (17)

Tenderloin: I can has makeover?

Yes, yes you can.

Chapter 21 (18)

Tenderloin: Oh yeah, I’m gonna get some hair!

Chapter 21 (19)

Tenderloin: Aprons are the new thing, man.

Chapter 21 (20)

Steak: I’m not so sure if this will work.

Chapter 21 (21)

Steak: Why do I wear eyeshadow?

Chapter 21 (22)

Steak: I’m not sure I approve.

Tenderloin got eyeshadow, since you’re his twin you have to have it too! :)

It’s for the competition!

Steak: Oh, then it might be okay.

Chapter 21 (23)

Showing the twins together. They look similar, yet different. Deciding will be difficult.

Chapter 21 (24)

Tenderloin: That’s my grandma’s sister, Macaroni. She’s named after food, just like me.

I put the twins in the basement. I’m in the progress of building a bigger house.

Chapter 21 (25)

Like many kids, Tenderloin has nothing real to aspire to yet so he can do whatever he wishes.

Chapter 21 (26)

Kay: Ew! A ghost!

Chalce: It’s your fault mom went nuts with the pills, dad.

Shark: Isn’t that very harsh of you, son?

Chapter 21 (27)

Chalce: I think you should do something useful for once, grandma. Like doing the dishes.

At least she doesn’t break the sink every other day.

Chapter 21 (28)

Steak: This girl is pretty. I’d like to make a movie about her.

Tenderloin: I’d second that, brother.

Forget it, it’s Egg Yolk’s kid. M- something.

Chapter 21 (29)

Oh noes! A burgl- oh wait it’s just Chalce. Why haven’t you topped your career yet?

Chalce: I’m working on it, jeez.

Chapter 21 (30)

Kay: Derp!

Crossed eyes must mean…

Chapter 21 (31)

Kay: I’m turning into a vampire!

Nah, she’s becoming a (more) grown woman.

Chapter 21 (32)

I don’t know the word for his seating position! D:

Chapter 21 (33)

Tenderloin: Don’t matter, cooking channel is on.

Chapter 21 (34)

Tenderloin: That busdriver…

Steak: I know, brother.

Chapter 21 (35)

Steak: I’ll protect you from the face-one-ness until the end of time.

Tenderloin: Thanks, big bro.

Until next time…

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