The Regnbåge Legacy – Chapter 22: Surprising Kids


C22 Title Card

+1 cover for Steak!

Last time; The kids became… well, kids and they got red eyeshadow.

Chapter 22 (1)

Chalce: Bills are paid, stuff put in inventory, so let’s make the call.

Chapter 22 (2)

Sneaking Chalce is sneaking.

Chalce: I’ll steal that paper of his, nyeh he he.

It’s your paper! And if you didn’t get the hints, the family has moved. View the house tour here.

Chapter 22 (3)

Chalce: Fine! I’ll just make some pancakes instead. Mmm… pancakes.

Chapter 22 (4)

Still not done with the athletic skill, no?

Chapter 22 (5)

Egg Yolk’s kids have become quite good friends with the twins, Tenderloin especially.

Tenderloin: I finally figured out your name! It’s Andrae, with an e!

Turns out, I did write the names down in.

Chapter 22 (6)

Someone grew up smokin’ hot. Her name’s Malinda.

Too bad I can’t marry her in, I totally would if she wasn’t the twins’ grandma’s sister’s kids. Is there a name for that?

Chapter 22 (7)

Egg Yolk: Good news, kids! I’m pregnant again.

Chapter 22 (8)

Andrae: Oh, god, poor child.


Andrae: Nothing, mother. *I wish dad was here*

Chapter 22 (9)

Tenderloin: Seeing this makes me happy to live in the legacy house.

At least the house doesn’t have broken TVs.

Chapter 22 (10)

Tenderloin: Big bro, what’s up with the giant rock? It makes me nervous.

Chapter 22 (11)

Steak: I get your concerns, brother. I keep thinking it might go nuclear one day.

I keep it ’cause it’s kewl.

Chapter 22 (12)

Now that I think back to it, the house is way too bright red. I promise the styling will improve, in time.

Chapter 22 (13)

Steak: What the-? The horoscope told me to expect winning today!

Chapter 22 (14)

Tenderloin: Who cares? The new house is awesome!

Steak: Yay! :D

Chapter 22 (15)

Chalce: But now I’m done!

With that skill, yes. Now go master cooking instead.

Chapter 22 (16)

Chalce: I don’t know if it’s only me, mom, but the scent in here is making me unusually happy.

Pollen: Second that, Chalcedony. I don’t even know how I can smell anything else but burning.

Chapter 22 (17)

Pollen: At least this place doesn’t smell.

Pollen, has nothing to do right now. I make her max logic so the job tab will stop complaining about it.

Chapter 22 (18)

Tiberium! Makes you sick, has an unusual cut and is worth quite a bit!

Chapter 22 (19)

Despite the fact that I do have a pool, everyone decides to dance inside at another swimsuit party.

Bella: I couldn’t find my bikini bottom!

Chapter 22 (20)

Whoa! The years have not been kind to you, Gerbera.

Woo! Party Animal Interaction Go!

Chapter 22 (21)

Chapter 22 (22)


Chapter 22 (23)

Unlike his painting little brother, Steak has decided to take up writing.

Chapter 22 (24)

The twins’ portraits, both done by portrait maker Kay!

Chapter 22 (25)

Chalce: Who put this good lookin’ fella in here? ;D

I thought you’d like the addition of the mirror.

Chapter 22 (26)

It grew! :D

Chapter 22 (27)

Bing! And it’s worth much, much more now!

Chapter 22 (28)

Since Chalce is alone during the day, when I’m not looking he’s always dancing. Most of the time in his pajamas.

Chapter 22 (29)

Read some recipes boy!

Chapter 22 (30)


Recognize him? It’s Trenton! Still not married, still no kids.


Chapter 22 (31)

I still let Chalce go out, but the recipes still need to be read.

Chalce: I feel like I’m being picked on.

You’re the only one who has a night job, dude.

Chapter 22 (32)

Girl: I thought it’d be appropriate to photobomb this shot.

Now who is this?!

Chapter 22 (33)

This is Rochelle Alto. Yes, the Alto couple did reproduce! But Rochelle ain’t the only one, she’s one of three triplet girls.

Did not expect that, least from the Altos.

Until next time…

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