The Regnbåge Legacy – Chapter 23: Snailing Ahoy


C23 Title Card

A.k.a. I have too many pictures of basically nothing where I try to be funny. But I am working on it.

Also, painting made my Chalce of all people.

Last time; the family moved into a new house, Egg Yolk has a pretty daughter and at the park we saw a pretty Alto girl.

Chapter 23 (1)

Kay: And I’m telling you, heartbreak is one of the best things ever!

Chapter 23 (2)

Kay: It comes SMASHING in like nothing you’ve ever seen!

Chapter 23 (3)

Kay: I support heartbreak to the fullest!

Chapter 23 (4)

Kay: Inspiring speeches aside, would you like to give me your money?

Chapter 23 (5)

Dorothy (I think): Sure thing, dear. *Gives way too much money than she actually has*

Chapter 23 (6)

Kay: Sir, you trespass on my lawn for no good reason. Donate to my campaign to rectify this.

Chapter 23 (7)

Ethan: Okidokie. Anything to bounce on your trampoline.

Ah, the joy that is fundraising. And she stills needs quite a bit.

Chapter 23 (8)

Tenderloin: Hi dad. Working on some… egg rolls?

Chalce: I have no idea, I’ve been cooking for too long.

Chapter 23 (9)

Chalce: Maybe he could cook instead of me?

No! And I think that’s Shawarma over there.

Chapter 23 (10)

Chalce: Hi boys! There’s something that smells in there, makes me feel odd. So whatcha up to?

Twins: Nothin’ special.

Chapter 23 (11)

Chalce: I should tell you though, that ghosts may pass through your room and wake you up.

Steak: Pfft. Yeah right.

Tenderloin: There’s no such thing as ghosts dad.

Chapter 23 (12)

Apparently they forget about their dead grandmother. I don’t blame them, I do too.

Also, Blair lives in the old house for some reason.

Chapter 23 (13)

Tenderloin: By the ancestors, a ghost!

Chapter 23 (14)

Sofia: Hello there, great grandson.

Tenderloin: Oh hai, great grandma.

Chapter 23 (15)

Tenderloin: Wait, what am I saying? You woke me up! Could you please stop that? I’m a light sleeper ya know!

Sofia: Oh, sorry. But your Dragon Age II looked so tempting.

I know, DA2 is so addicting- what am I saying? The twins should not play DA2!

Chapter 23 (16)

IN DA PARK (almost)…

Macaroni has gone old. No kids.

I am disappoint. >:(

Macaroni: I’m happier than ever! :D

Chapter 23 (17)

Chalce: You should join us, we have money.

Chapter 23 (18)

Rochelle: Money is delightful, but if I join you it won’t be the only requirement.

You might be seeing where I’m going with this… Does this make me creepy?

Chapter 23 (19)

Chalce: Ew, a loner. You’re no fun to party with. That moves you down on the list.

Rochelle: What list? The only ones in the town are face ones and old farts.

True dat. There are few good spouse candidates left in the Valley.

Chapter 23 (20)

Rochelle: Since your mom has the same haircut as me, does that mean I’ll get a new one?

Chalce: Definitely. Anyway, Steak is the blond one. He likes writing and doing… something.

Chapter 23 (21)

Chalce: Tenderloin’s my favourite, though. He can paint. It’s one of those two that will become the heir.

At this point, Rochelle is the strongest candidate for spouse.

Chapter 23 (22)

Tenderloin: I think the rock is starting to stink something awful.

Steak: Why do we always do our homework in front of it?

Tenderloin: I bet it’s the incense’s fault.

Chalce: Huh, a bed is flying over there…

Chapter 23 (23)

Makeover! Well, not really. He’s always had this as a second everyday outfit. Looking mighty fine I must say.

Chapter 23 (24)

A new larvae, named Kelsey. Egg Yolk’s newest kid.

Chapter 23 (25)

But things go on as normal in their house.


Chapter 23 (26)

Steak: I’d like some career advice, dad. How do you rise in the ranks?

Chapter 23 (27)

Chalce: Well, firstly you gotta know all of those you work with. Connections are always good if you know how to use them.

Chapter 23 (28)

Steak: Get to the part with the money!

Chapter 23 (29)

Chalce: Patience boy! The thing with money, is that the cash is useless. You just need to steal stuff!

Chapter 23 (30)

Chalce: Just be quick with your hands and you’ll afford anything, like your ol’ dad.

Steak: Thanks for the advice, dad.

Chapter 23 (31)

Chalce: This makes me so happy that my eyes go haywire.

Uh… I don’t think your career is the way for Steak but thanks for the advice.

Until next time…

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