The Regnbåge Legacy – Chapter 24: Back To Party


C24 Title Card

Chalcedony being absent-minded with maid in street clothes thinking about him, makes the cover.

Last time; Kay raised money and Chalce talked to Rochelle about money, and the family.

Chapter 24 (1)

Oh hai Blair’s daughter! Random visitor must mean… PAR-TAY! :D

Chapter 24 (2)

Whoa! Look at that profile.

Chapter 24 (3)

Steak, being the oldest, gets to go first.

Chapter 24 (4)

Rochelle seems to be happy about this.

Rochelle: Now it will be less creepy when I check them out!

Uh… I don’t even…

Chapter 24 (5)

Steak rolled Dramatic.

Oh, and that’s Andrae over there.

Chapter 24 (6)

Chalce: Sweetie, have you ever looked yourself in the mirror?

Rochelle: They tend to break sometimes.

Chapter 24 (7)

Chalce: Well, a haircut by moi should do the trick.

Chapter 24 (8)

But first-! Time for Tenderloin.

Chapter 24 (9)

Like last time, Tenderloin gets the makeover before his elder brother.

Chapter 24 (10)

Tenderloin: Heck yeah! Gloves ftw!

He rolled Photographer’s Eye. Thought the gloves would be appropriate when going into the camera territory.

Chapter 24 (11)

Tenderloin: Big bro, now it’s your turn!

Chapter 24 (12)

Tenderloin: Steak?

*Sound of crickets*

Chapter 24 (13)

Steak: I’m up here! For some reason…

Chapter 24 (14)

Steak: I don’t see how I could look any better, but here goes.

Chapter 24 (15)

Steak: It looks like my head is bleeding.

Sorry, there weren’t many hairstyles that looked any better than that one.

Chapter 24 (16)

Pollen: Greetings, spouse candidate. I’m Pollen, forgotten ghost.

Rochelle: And I’m Rochelle, dressed in red in preparation.

Chapter 24 (17)

Rochelle: You’re good?! Disgusting!

Chapter 24 (18)

Pollen: Tenderloin is good too, so there’s a fifty fifty chance you may end up with a good person.

Rochelle: Ach! I need to think this through. I’ll just go over there…

Chapter 24 (19)

Rochelle: … and dance myself happier! :D

Chapter 24 (20)

Tenderloin: Greetings my lady, I’m possible heir Tenderloin.

Chapter 24 (21)

Rochelle: My evilness! You became quite the looker!

Chapter 24 (22)

Rochelle: I hope you’re not the good one.

Tenderloin: In fact, I am, but for some reason you won’t discover that any time soon.

Rochelle: FFFUUU…

Chapter 24 (23)

Tenderloin: Let’s not dwell on that, though.

Rochelle: Agreed.

Chapter 24 (24)

Tenderloin: I just became interested in photography. If I become the heir I’ll probably take lots of pictures of you.

Maid, last name Archuleta: Lookin’ fine in those white tips, evil lady.

Chapter 24 (25)

Rochelle: That would be great!

Archuleta: Awkward. I’ll just go over there now.

Chapter 24 (26)

Rochelle: Just be sure to capture my evil side. ;)

Chapter 24 (27)

Tenderloin: So if I would work in photo, what would you do?

Chapter 24 (28)

Rochelle: The diamond business of course.

Chapter 24 (29)

Shiny teeth: Now I am happy! :D

Chapter 24 (30)

Shiny teeth: Now I am angry! >:(

Chapter 24 (31)

When the party is over, the twins still retreat back to their regular schedule.

Chapter 24 (32)

Da-da-da-DAAA! Chalce has topped his thieving career and is now a master thief!

Chapter 24 (33)

Tenderloin: RUBBISH!


Chapter 24 (34)


Chapter 24 (35)


Until next time…

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