The Regnbåge Legacy – Chapter 25: Flirting


C25 Title Card

Last time; the twins became teens, Chalce became a master thief and Rochelle became marked for spouse.

Chapter 25 (1)

The heir wall so far, I changed Chalce’s portrait.

Chapter 25 (2)

Pyro & Tenderloin: *Staring contest*

Rochelle: Who’s this old biddy?

It’s Macaroni! I finally befriended her so she can come to parties. :)

Chapter 25 (3)

Rochelle: Still, there’s way too many people here. *Makes cute face*

Chapter 25 (4)

Pollen: Hey sis, guess what? In two shots I’ll look almost as old as you! :D

And Pollen is the eldest. Remember, I screwed up her age before. :P

Chapter 25 (5)

Pollen: I wish for some snazzy hair and a dignified death.

Chapter 25 (6)

Pollen: Is this what elderhood feels like? Fleshy elbows?

No, that’s your grandchild.

Chapter 25 (7)

Hans & Mortimer: Breaking the fourth wall makes us… happy.

Chapter 25 (8)

Pollen: I didn’t get the hair, but that can always change.

Chapter 25 (9)

If you’d like to see how Pollen looks like normal, here’s your first and last chance.

Chapter 25 (10)

The party was so awesome that Mortimer fainted.

Chapter 25 (11)

On the walkway home, Chalce has his birthday to adult.

Chalce: My leg! D:<

Chapter 25 (12)

Chalce: Where’d my hair go?

I think he looks more manly now. ;)

Chapter 25 (13)

Chalce: Much better! :)

Chapter 25 (14)

Tenderloin: Wheee!!

Steak: Poooise!!

Chapter 25 (15)

Tenderloin: I don’t wanna go to school!

Why it stops there… I don’t know.

Chapter 25 (16)

Still dancing… in the pajamas.

Chapter 25 (17)

Still reading recipes.

Chapter 25 (18)

Still… casting magic?

Chapter 25 (19)

Chalce: Can I do something different now? 8D

You’ve done your chores, so okay.

Chapter 25 (20)

Chalce: My alarm is going off on you, Archuleta.

Chapter 25 (21)

Chalce: Wait! Shouldn’t you be cleaning the house?! >:(

Chapter 25 (22)

Archuleta: Are you kidding me? The dishes are dirty.

Chapter 25 (23)

Chalce: So, about you…

Archuleta: *Man, he makes my heart grow wings*

Chapter 25 (24)

Chalce: Oi! We’re both kleptos! We can have so much fun! :D

I’d rather keep a good watch on my valuables.

Chapter 25 (25)

Archuleta: I have to say, mr Theif, it seems so have stolen all of my attention.

That was bad. :|

Chapter 25 (26)

Chalce: We can take this upstairs, if you want.

Chapter 25 (27)

Twins: We’re home!

Chapter 25 (28)

Kay is climbing her career, but she’s still got a bit before she tops it.

Painting ribbon is unrelated.

Chapter 25 (29)

They took things upstairs, but not things.

Chapter 25 (30)

Portrait situation.

Chapter 25 (31)

Kay: Oh hai Pyro. :D

Chapter 25 (32)

Kay: Want to kissy kissy?

Chapter 25 (33)

Pollen: Oh hai Pyro. Oh hai Kay.

Chapter 25 (34)

Pollen: So not approving!

Kay: Close hug? ;D

Pyro: No way! :(

Until next time…

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