The Regnbåge Legacy – Chapter 26: Random


C26 Title Card

This chapter has no birthdays, only random things. Therefore the name.

Last time; Pollen became an elder, Chalce became an adult, flirted with the maid and Kay flirted with Pyro.

Chapter 26 (1)

Chapter 26 (2)

Almost synced food choking.

Chapter 26 (3)

Tenderloin: Derp!

Chapter 26 (4)

Painting. It makes you derp.

Chapter 26 (5)

Shark: Why aren’t they waking up? Am I a bad ghost?

Chapter 26 (6)

Nah, the effect is just delayed.

Chapter 26 (7)

Kay: How does this work again now again?

Chapter 26 (8)

Chapter 26 (9)

Kay: Is there even a snake in there?

Chapter 26 (10)

Kay: Ouch!

Chapter 26 (11)

Kaylynn has left the game.

Chapter 26 (12)

Chalce: Have you heard *insert random person’s name here* is filthy rich?

I rarely get any juicy gossip. :(

Chapter 26 (13)

Archuleta: You’re so slick, like the rolls of a film.

Chapter 26 (14)

Chalce: What… was that?

Archuleta: I have no idea. Maiding makes me mellow.

Chapter 26 (15)

Chalce: Somehow it works though…

Chapter 26 (16)


Kay: Pretty butterflies. :D

Chapter 26 (17)


Chapter 26 (18)

Is this the butterfly effect?

Chapter 26 (19)

Kay: Your hair is like a sun sometimes.

Chapter 26 (20)

Blair’s daugher: Mother.

Chapter 26 (21)

Blair: Daughter.

Chapter 26 (22)

Now who is this?!

Chapter 26 (23)

Some updates concerning Egg Yolk’s family…

She got married to Leighton and moved into his house, which is why you can see Steak over there.

Why the house is invisible though, I have no idea.

Chapter 26 (24)

Pollen meets the pretty girl.

Her name’s Rayne Ursine. Artistic is one of her traits.

Chapter 26 (25)


Chapter 26 (26)

Hugging cop to the rescue!

Chapter 26 (27)

Hugging Cop 1
Burglar 0

Chapter 26 (28)

Kay & Pollen: Well that alarm has problems.

Hugging Cop: Person person minus minus.

Chapter 26 (29)

Chalce, the heavy sleeper, was the only one not bothered.

Chalce: My burglar sense is tingling.

Chapter 26 (30)

Chalce meets Rayne too, to learn more traits.

Thank you Observant!

Chapter 26 (31)

Chalce: Sorry, your traits were boring. Adios.

Rochelle for spouse it is!

Chapter 26 (32)

Kay: I just became mayor! Come over to my party and donate some money! :D

Until next time…

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