The Regnbåge Legacy – Chapter 27: Moving In


C27 Title Card


Oh, and Kay arranged a fundraising party.

Chapter 27 (1)

Chapter 27 (2)

Chapter 27 (3)

Hans got some moves.

Chapter 27 (4)

All of a sudden it’s night… Party’s over?

Pollen vs Chalce in trampoline!

Chapter 27 (5)

Chapter 27 (6)

Chapter 27 (7)

Chalce: What was I supposed to do now again?

Rochelle: Oh! Buffet!

Chapter 27 (8)

Chalce: Would you like to move in with the family, Rochelle? :3

Chapter 27 (9)

Rochelle: Heck yes! Anything to get away from my sisters.

Chapter 27 (10)

Rochelle: If I’m joining the house, this tent won’t do. I need something hawt…

Chapter 27 (11)

Rochelle: Hawt pink. Oh yeah.

Chapter 27 (12)

In the twins’ room, I put a bed in for our spouse.

Chapter 27 (13)

After getting a job in the criminal career our spouse breaks the computer.

Rochelle: I didn’t mean to.

Chapter 27 (14)

She also gets the privilege to be whipped on the treadmill by fellow criminal Chalcedony.

Rochelle wants to become the Empress of Evil though.

Chapter 27 (15)

Pollen: ;D ?

Chapter 27 (16)

Pyro: I’m gonna regret this aren’t I?

Chapter 27 (17)

Pyro: I knew it. D:

Chapter 27 (18)


Chapter 27 (19)

Pollen: Hee hee hee. :D

Chapter 27 (20)

I’ve already gotten a portrait for our spouse. Awesome.

Chapter 27 (21)

Chalce: Wut?! Why’d you turn off the TV?

Tenderloin: I need a couple kissing photo for my collection.

Chapter 27 (22)

10 minutes later…

Tenderloin: Mom, dad. You can stop now. I have the pictures I need. Guys?

Chapter 27 (23)

Almost in the park…

Kelsey! Good blend of mom and dad I see.

Chapter 27 (24)

In the cemetery…

Turns out Trenton has died.

Chapter 27 (25)

Tenderloin: Photography is fun. Maybe I can make a profit of it?

Chapter 27 (26)

Tenderloin: If so, this would be a best seller.

Chapter 27 (27)

With a lot of spare money comes the ability to purchase expensive vehicles.

Chapter 27 (28)

Also, the ability to blow them up. (Chalce has been inventing)

Chalce: Take cover son!

Tenderloin: I’ll just go over there and take some pictures then.

Chapter 27 (29)


Chalce: Woohoo!

Chapter 27 (30)

With explosions come fire. Note that both Chalce and Pollen are fighting the fire.

Chapter 27 (31)

Pollen & Chalce: It stops working now?!

Chapter 27 (32)

Tenderloin: Shots of gold! :)

Chapter 27 (33)

Rochelle: It’s probably all Rayne’s fault. >:(

Chapter 27 (34)

Rochelle: The fire was your fault!

Rayne: Pfft, yeah right.

Person person minus.

Chapter 27 (35)

Apparently she was dating Steven’s clone. Creepy.

Until next time…

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