Flying Garden + Meltdown


So I just spend about an hour and a half on getting set up to fight Tonberries, nasty little bastards.

On their own Tonberries are annoying, because they take oh so long to kill. And after you kill around 20, you get to fight King Tonberry, whom you can get as a GF (supposedly the best GF ability wise).

But I need Meltdown to deplete his defense, and it’s also the best junction for vitality.

So where do I get Meltdown? According to the wiki I can get it from Bombs.

So I run around half the world with that dang slow Garden, which for some reason has to go around the FH railroad since it can’t go over or under. I can’t wait to get an airship or something better.

For some bloody reason the Bombs won’t generate Meltdown, so I have to go for Gaylas instead.

Gaylas reside in Trabia, and they drop Mystery Fluid which you can refine into Meltdown.

But only 10 per item. And you need 100 per person.

I run around on the Trabia plains, but Gaylas were hard to find at first. It took a damn long time before I could find one.

Finally I found a Gayla which I could draw Meltdown from. And even that took a while.

After that I had to trek down to the Tonberry place, by the Centra crater.

All of a sudden it’s too late to start killing Tonberries. I really hope this GF will be worth it.

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