Limit Break For Life


As I slay Tonberries, I find out that keeping my party’s hp in the yellow department (therefore triggering limit breaks) is way better than keeping the hp to a good level.

If you are quick enough, you can trigger limit breaks before the enemy has a chance to hit you. Also, if you press the “next character button” (I’ve set it to triangle) on the character in yellow hp you are very likely to gain the opportunity to trigger another limit break.

It was quite fun to use some limit breaks I have to say. Zell’s combos train my reaction, and Squall’s my timing. Irvine is just for fun though, since shotguns are awesome.

If only Odin could shut up though. He keeps whining whenever I leave the area to save after every fifth Tonberry.

Oh, and the King Tonberry was super easy to beat. He has shop skills. Awesome. :D

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