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The Regnbåge Legacy – Chapter 27: Moving In


C27 Title Card

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The Chore That Is Drawing Magic & More


I’m almost up to 28 or 29 hours when it comes to Final Fantasy VIII. Didn’t expect it to be so addicting.

Drawing is tedious, but I’m at a point where I almost don’t have to draw anything at all. If drawing would have been done differently, how I don’t know, I would like it more. The junctioning I do like, sometimes it’s tedious as well but not as much as drawing. Although I do hate the fact that you only have so much space for that many spells. You can’t throw magic in the garbage anyway. Why the heck not?

Now that I have all the characters I can have, no optional characters her no, I can’t decide whom I’ll bring with me. I guess it all comes down to limit breaks.

Squall is mandatory, and his limit breaks is quite fun. Zell’s limit break is fun, because it keeps me on my toes. Although I love a shotgun to the face, Irvine’s shot costs bullets which I find logical but annoying. I can’t get over the fact that you launch a poor dog and why can’t I choose which attack I want to use, Rinoa is somewhat neglected because of this. Slots are fun when done well, Selphie’s is. Quistis’s limit break is classic, but weird, why do you need items to learn attacks?

I guess it depends on situation too. I’m having a hard time giving out GFs too.

Playing Final Fantasy VIII


Despite the fact that I’ve seen Spoony’s rant about Final Fantasy VIII at least ten times, I’ve still decided to play it and get my own view on it.

So far I’ve played almost three hours.

The drawing process is still ridiculous, although I have to say that the semi-completionist in me makes this a little bit more bearable. The junctioning is kinda fun, but it makes the characters blank slates with the limit breaks the only distinguishing feature. Also, I can’t figure out Selphie’s limit break yet. I also prefer the limit breaks from Final Fantasy VII.

The game is really pretty, all the FMVs make me happy. In some angles, Squall’s face looks like it’s been mauled by a mountain lion, and that includes many other characters.

Zell is not annoying, yet. Partly because I have a love for martial arts characters. Nothing can top people who can beat the crap out of anything with their own fists.

It feels like I am leveling up my pokémon when leveling up my GF. Also, why does the asspickle level up much quicker than Shiva?

I wonder why Seifer is so much taller than everyone…