The Regnbåge Legacy – Chapter 28: Changes


C28 Title Card

Instead of playing Dragon Age: Origins (the circle can be boring some times, like now) I am being a good person and make another chapter.

How long has it been? 2 weeks? Oh well… TENDERLOIN BURNING FOOD AND BEING HAPPY ABOUT IT! :D

Last time; Rochelle, the spouse, moved into the house and Tenderloin was busy taking pictures.

Also, I now begin to resize my pictures to save space on my account. I probably won’t resize the previous chapters though. :P

Chapter 28 (1)

Pollen, the neato ghost, has some serious troubles when it comes to gathering laundry from the second floor.

Pollen: It’s ’cause they stink!

That’s because you drop piles everywhere and I have to move them into the washing machine manually! D:<

Chapter 28 (2)

Archuleta: Where is my love?

Chalce’s and the maid’s relationship never went past the flirting stage. I was hoping for conflict and got nothing.

Besides, Archuleta’s gone in the next chapter anyway.

Chapter 28 (3)

Oh, and he’s reading more recipes.

Chalce: Don’t tell her I’m here.

Chapter 28 (4)

Kay’s and Chalce’s relationship never got hurt though. They still roll romantic wants all the time.

Chalce’s Portrait: Oh yeeeeah!~

Chapter 28 (5)

Kay: And when I become president, I’ll make the stars rain on the sky!

Chapter 28 (6)

Kay: And then I’ll name them all – after you!

Chalce: Uuhh… I love you, bb.

Chapter 28 (7)

Rochelle is making good progress in her career of crime. What level are you now?

Rochelle: I dunno, all I care is about the money.

At least her career won’t be halted too badly once she gets to baby making.

Chapter 28 (8)

Tenderloin: I’m pretty sure it’s not supposed to smoke like that.

Why are you even cooking? Chalce is the grandmaster there.

Chapter 28 (9)

Tenderloin: So it happens soon, then? One of us will marry a criminal.

Steak: I worry more about this last assignment I don’t need to do.

Chapter 28 (10)

Kay: If I were to decide, both of you would marry a computer! Derp.

Steak: I think that’s a brilliant idea!

Tenderloin: …

Chapter 28 (11)

As another party approaches, so does an old lady.

Old people? Shoo! I want fresh new blood! >:D

Chapter 28 (12)

Naw! It’s Gerbera!

Gerbera: I have become old and withered.

Chapter 28 (13)

Mortimer: Even though your hair is white as a cloud, you still are the same beautiful woman I married.

Chapter 28 (14)

Gerbera: Aw, thank you, love.

Good to know they’ve kept it going for so long. Shame they only had one kid though.

Chapter 28 (15)

You’re still doing homework?!

Ah, never mind. Let’s get to growing them up!

Chapter 28 (16)

Elder goes first.

Chapter 28 (17)

Steak rolled Childish.

Steak: How can I be with this outfit?

You’ll get your makeover, wait ’til your brother has grown up.

Chapter 28 (18)

Kay: Our babies are growing up, bb.

Chalce: And we are still young!

Chapter 28 (19)

The younger is up next.

Chapter 28 (20)

Tenderloin: This is so out of fashion you guys! And I don’t wanna be bald like dad!

Chalce: Hey! Only the fabulous can be bald.

Tenderloin rolls Snob, like his dad.

Chapter 28 (21)

Steak: Oh yeah! I got the makeover first this time!

Chapter 28 (22)

Steak: I will be made heir! Woo!

Tenderloin: You wish, bro. Now let me get something nice.

Chapter 28 (23)

Steak: C’mon bunny, let’s play yeti.

His LTW is Jack of All Trades, btw.

Chapter 28 (24)

Tenderloin: Fashion, is the way to go.

Chapter 28 (25)

Rochelle: I’m getting a makeover you guys! :)

Chapter 28 (26)

Tenderloin: Whatever happens bro, I’ll always keep you in my heart.

Chapter 28 (27)

Steak: We’ll still be friends forever right?

Tenderloin: You bet.

Fun fact: The twins don’t actually have that good of a relationship. :P

Chapter 28 (28)

Rochelle: Guys! I have shorts now! :D

Chapter 28 (29)

Someone’s been getting muscles in secret.

Rochelle: Fufufu… :)

Chapter 28 (30)

Rochelle: Blondie’s the heir! Woo!

You don’t know that!

Chapter 28 (31)

Twins: *Making silly faces ’cause I forgot the line*

Chapter 28 (32)

Rochelle: Urff! Urk! My stomach!

Chapter 28 (33)

Rochelle: I’m not pregnant if you think that.

Nope, but soon you will.

Next time I’ll reveal the heir, and the purple generation will start. Oh, and Rochelle’s traits & ambitions!

Until next time…

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