The Regnbåge Legacy – Chapter 29: Life & Death


C29 Title Card

Purple font = Purple generation = Purple Babies! 8D

But I’m getting ahead of myself, this one will be longer than usual because I can’t stand another red chapter.

Last time; The twins grew up and… Rochelle got her final makeover.

Chapter 29 (1)

Shark: I recognize that smell. It’s the smell of a new heir about to be announced.

Chapter 29 (2)

Shark: Congratulations grandson of mine!

Tenderloin: Thanks grandpa, whom I’ve never met.

Chapter 29 (3)

Tenderloin: Now could you do me a favor and stop waking me up?

Shark: No. That’s legacy life for you.

Tenderloin Card

So… Tenderloin is the heir! I went with him because I don’t want another blonde heir, but it was a close call since Steak had the better traits.

Rochelle Card

And here is the spouse, Rochelle Alto. Her traits are an awesome combination. And she wants to top the evil part of the criminal career.

Chapter 29 (4)

Let’s get to stylin’ right away then!

Chapter 29 (5)

Tenderloin: Guess what, Rochelle, I got a promotion on my first day of work!

Chapter 29 (6)

Rochelle: Really? More monies! :D

Chapter 29 (7)

Tenderloin: Maybe we should go somewhere out to celebrate?

Rochelle: Anything to get away from the constant dancing.

Steak: I give up dad! Can we please stop dancing now?

Chalce: Never! >8D

Chapter 29 (8)

Let’s vroom downtown in the heir’s awesome car with a badly rendered house in the background!

Chapter 29 (9)

Tenderloin: Free food. :3

Rochelle: Some book I had in my inventory. :|

Chapter 29 (10)

Kewl outfit = Kay has topped her career therefore becoming THE LEADER OF THE WORLD!

Kay: I am pleased.

While her husband is a master thief, her son aspires to be a fashion phenomenon and her future daughter-in-law is on her way to become an empress of evil.

Ah, I love the Sims.

Chapter 29 (11)


Chapter 29 (12)

Rochelle: I can’t believe I lost my lucky coin.

Tenderloin: Oi! I found a shiny coin.

Chapter 29 (13)

Tenderloin: Man, the bathroom smell in here makes me kinda flirty.

Chapter 29 (14)

Rochelle: You know, it sort of works on me too.

Chapter 29 (15)

Chapter 29 (16)

Rochelle: Come back! I want more smooching!

Chapter 29 (17)

Rochelle: Huff, finally caught up with you.

Chapter 29 (18)

Egg Yolk: What? Romance? I’m getting outta here!

Chapter 29 (19)

Rochelle: Are you up to something, Tenderloin?

Tenderloin: Maaaybe…

Chapter 29 (20)

*Horribly kills icons*

Chapter 29 (21)

Chapter 29 (22)

Tenderloin: In fact, I have been planning something.

Rochelle: Le gasp?

Chapter 29 (23)


Chapter 29 (24)

Tenderloin: I guess it’s a yes, then.

Rochelle: Heck yeah!

Chapter 29 (25)

Chapter 29 (26)

Steak: Does this mean I’m free? Yay!

So he gets a job, don’t remember which one, and moves out.

Chapter 29 (27)

Tenderloin: I wish I could fix your face, but I can fix your style instead.

Chapter 29 (28)

Chapter 29 (29)

Tenderloin: Yeah, more fist fighting again, bro. I guess people are desperate when it comes to style these days. I can’t wait until I can work from home.

Chapter 29 (30)

But before he goes home, let’s give something smexy to ol’ Morty.

Chapter 29 (31)

Tenderloin: Yay! Wedding toast!

Chapter 29 (32)

And so Rochelle maxes the athletic skill.

Surprised? She has been in the house longer that it seems.

Chapter 29 (33)

These are Rochelle’s two triplet sisters. Luz in front and… I can’t remember.

I guess I picked the best of the three then. :P

Chapter 29 (34)

And Pyro is sad because… Holly Alto, his lover, died. What? I thought you were with Bella!

Oh, never mind.

Chapter 29 (35)

Chalce: Hey you two! The kissing is after you say ‘I do’.

Chapter 29 (36)

And so Rochelle becomes one in the fami-

Steak: Whoa! I missed everything?!

Chapter 29 (37)

Chapter 29 (38)

Chalce: I bet you’re jealous now, Steak?

Steak: Not fun, dad.

Chapter 29 (39)

Rochelle: I’m so high right now, with love. <3

Tenderloin: I bet that’s the incense.

Chapter 29 (40)

You don’t have time for this! MAKE ME SOME BABIES ALREADY!

Chapter 29 (41)

Tenderloin: Heheheh… I guess we better…

Rochelle: Heehee… You’re on, my man.

Chapter 29 (42)

T minus 19.

Rochelle: What’s that supposed to mean?

Tenderloin: Don’t ask me.

Chapter 29 (43)

Rochelle: Oh, well. OFF TO DO ILLEGAL THINGS!

Chapter 29 (44)

Tenderloin: Wow, uncle. I can’t even begin to tell ya what’s wrong with this.

Chapter 29 (45)

Tenderloin: I can’t believe I’m married… Wait, where’d the ring go?!

Chapter 29 (46)

Tenderloin: There it is! :D

Chapter 29 (47)

Chalce continues having way too much free time. He has now gone on to mining and annoying everybody with its noise.

Chalce: I hope I find something shiny to give Kay.


Chapter 29 (48)

Tenderloin: I feel something disturbance in the stomach.

Rochelle: It is something alright, but I don’t know whether its disturbing before it arrives.

Chapter 29 (49)

Tenderloin: You’re pregnant? Sweet! Hit it on the first try.

Rochelle: Good for you, now make me some Autumn Salad.

Chapter 29 (50)

But wait- What’s a chapter without a birthday?

Pollen: Now we can talk about old lady stuff! Yay. :D

Chapter 29 (51)

She grew up in those clothes. I let her keep them.

Chapter 29 (52)

Chalce: Aah! Something is nibbling on my foot! D:

Chapter 29 (53)

Rochelle: I see you watermelon. I’m gonna eat you. And I’m gonna enjoy it.

After 4 boys in a row, I need some estrogen.

Chapter 29 (54)

Is this like the 4th job outfit of Tenderloin’s?

Chapter 29 (55)

Pollen: I can sense it’s a girl.

Rochelle: Good thing those watermelons worked then.

Chapter 29 (56)

Chalce: Adventure ho!

Chapter 29 (57)

Chalce: Wait… this place seems familiar…

Chapter 29 (58)

And suddenly… Pollen passes onto the Netherworld.

The camera didn’t zoom in on her, I just got a notice and a tombstone outside the hospital.

I feel bad for not noticing her going… And her tombstone didn’t upgrade :|

Rest well Pollen.

Chapter 29 (59)

From death to life…


Chapter 29 (60)

Malcolm: I can’t believe you’d eat that! How gross!

Chapter 29 (61)

Rochelle: Fufufu… I stole a baby girl.

No, you didn’t. Girl’s name’s Cyclonus. A Decepticon, from G1. Transformers is the theme for this generation, I was in a craze back then. :P

Her traits are Brave and Good. She likes the colour Turquiose, eat Stu Surprise and listen to Chinese music.

Until next time…

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  1. *panting* It took me three days to read this far. I found your blog on The Southern Prettacy, so far I love it. I haven’t been able to stop reading it to play/update my own sim blogs!

    Off to read more!

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