The Regnbåge Legacy – Chapter 30: Babies


C30 Title Card

I’ve hit the “busy road” when it comes to FFVIII, and the “boredom road” too, surprisingly. So here’s a chapter before I lose total motivation! 8P

Last time; Things went fast when Tenderloin and Rochelle went from acquaintances to married with children, Cyclonus, the first purple baby was born, and Pollen went back to the Netherworld.

Chapter 30 (1)

Hurry up genetics!

Cyclonus: Can’t… breathe…

Chapter 30 (2)

The heir couple wastes no time workin’ on the next one.

Chapter 30 (3)

Chalce: Someone left a perfectly good baby on the floor.

Chapter 30 (4)

Chalce: Maybe I can adopt it?

Uh, yeah… Anyhow, Cyclonus inherits quite a lot from her mother; the eye colour, eye shape, hair colour, nose…

Let’s hope the ears are normal at least.

Chapter 30 (5)

Where Pollen’s old room used to be, is now the future kidlets’ room.

Chapter 30 (6)

With their own purple bathroom of course.

Chapter 30 (7)

Rochelle: Nye he he…

Chapter 30 (8)

Cyclonus: Can you give me a hug mommy?

Rochelle: No, but you can give me something.

Chapter 30 (9)

Rochelle: Muwhahahahahaha!!.. >:D

Cyclonus: Nyuuu!! Not funny! D:

Chapter 30 (10)

Rochelle: I didn’t do it, nobody saw me do it, there’s no way you can prove anything!

Tenderloin: Do what sweetie? Sure smells good here today.

Chapter 30 (11)

Beware! New kiddo on the way!

Chapter 30 (12)

Whoa! That is the nicest career outfit so far. Even though it doesn’t match completely… and I don’t like the shoes… and…

Chapter 30 (13)

The babies sleep in the lower living room… just because.

And I forgot to recolour the play table and the curtain..

Chapter 30 (14)

Chapter 30 (15)

They are both painting the same thing! But Kay’s is pixly since she is a computer whiz after all.

Chapter 30 (16)

Rochelle: Why am I in a swimsuit?

I had Tenderloin take some preggers photos of you. :)

Rochelle: Alright, that’s okay I suppose. But paint the treasure chest first next time.

Curses! *Shakes fist*

Chapter 30 (17)

Rochelle: Might as well harvest some fruits and veggies while I’m in the ugly suit.

Now that Pollen’s gone, no one is interested in the garden. I often forget it myself.

Chapter 30 (18)

Obligatory shot! Did I do one last time? ò.ô

Chapter 30 (19)

Rochelle: My back is killing me. Can’t this be over any faster?

Chapter 30 (20)

Mother Nature: I heard your plea, so here you go. Labor pains in exchange for back pain.

Chapter 30 (21)

Tenderloin: Aaahh!! What’s going on?! Not fab at all!

Rochelle: Bah, I’m just having extreme stomach pains, nothing special. Let’s just go to the hospital.

Chapter 30 (22)

Cyclonus: Mommy? Daddy? What’s going on?

Tenderloin: Ach! Divert your eyes Cyclonus, this is not a sight for young eye-! When did you learn how to walk?!

Chapter 30 (23)

Cyclonus: Can you give me answers mommy?

Rochelle: I’m just gonna go out and steal a sibling for you. Brb.

Chapter 30 (24)

Cyclonus: Fine, as long as you don’t leave me with that creepy face one babysitter again, I’m good.

Chapter 30 (25)

Tenderloin: Wow, I never knew labor could be so tiring.

Rochelle: Just shut up and follow my lead.

Chapter 30 (26)

Hans: This book, is unbelievably boring. Who wrote this crap?

Stephenie Meyer?

Hans: *Checks cover* Huh, turns out it was. Oh, and my lover, insert-name-here, died. I’m so heartbroken.

Chapter 30 (27)

Pollen! It’s like she never left! :D

Chapter 30 (28)

Breaking toilets too… C’mon, you can fix it! I maxed your handiness!

Pollen: It seems over the long years, I have forgotten.

You’ve been dead for like 5 days…Oh well, at least someone else can earn some handiness points from this.

Chapter 30 (29)

Cyclonus: What’s he doing here? I don’t wanna share my food with him. And I don’t need a screaming neighbour either.

Meet Galvatron! Also a Decepticon from Transformers G1, although in most incarnations he is mainly purple.

He rolled Friendly and Heavy Sleeper. Favourites are Roots music, Sushi for food, and Blue for the colour.

Chapter 30 (30)

Pollen: Oh hai Chalcedony!

Chalce: Huh? Who said something? The house is haunted! Waaahh!

Chapter 30 (31)

Tenderloin: How come you give all my kids evil names?

Well… the Decepticons’ colour is purple, and I can’t recall one purple Autobot. Besides, your wife is evil so I suppose it fits. And red is the colour of the Autobots! And you are good! Fitting, huh?!

I honestly didn’t think of this until I was writing it right now. ;P

Chapter 30 (32)

Tenderloin: Is that puking I hear?

Another Decepticon on the way then.

Chapter 30 (33)

Galvatron: Can’t… breathe… either…

I better stop choking the larvae.

Chapter 30 (34)

Looking familiar? He’s Tenderloin through and through! Except the hair and eye colour.

Chapter 30 (35)

Rochelle: Toddler training is boring! And I can’t believe there’s another on the way!

Chapter 30 (36)

Rochelle: When did you learn to fly, Cyclonus? I can’t remember teaching you that…

Cyclonus: It’s in my genes ya know.

I’d say it’s a bug.

Chapter 30 (37)

Finishing off with the heir wall.

Chalce reminds me of that creepy fellow on the painting.

Until next time…

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