The Regnbåge Legacy – Chapter 31: Little Monster


C31 Title Card

18 hours down the drain… Huh?! I mean another chapter!

Last time; Galvatron, a boy, was born, the kiddie potty bugged and another kid was on the way.

Chapter 31 (1)

Luz or was it Kimberley?: I’m so jealous. She lives in a luxurious purple house.

Chapter 31 (2)

Rochelle: I’m so jealous. She doesn’t have to train toddlers all day long.


Chapter 31 (3)

Wait what? How does this work? She hasn’t even changed clothes yet!

Chapter 31 (4)

Rochelle: Shouldn’t have taken that last cup of orange mocha frappuccino.

Chapter 31 (5)

Rochelle: I’m expecting another Decepticon.

Tenderloin: Decepticons? Where?! Call the Autobots!

Chapter 31 (6)

Uh… Not my fault if you get killed by zombies.

Chapter 31 (7)

Growing up on the way home from working again, huh…

Chapter 31 (8)

Chalce: I kept my hair this time! Ow, my hip.

The one time he’s supposed to have the balding look, he doesn’t get it.

Chapter 31 (9)

Chalce: An inventor’s outfit! Does this mean I can invent more?

Oh yes. I want a time machine! 8D

Chapter 31 (10)

Chalce: Can I retire then?

Go ahead dude. You’ve more than deserved it.

Chapter 31 (11)

Chalce: I get confetti too? Awesome! :D

Chapter 31 (12)

And even the kids join in… HOLY SH- AAAHH!! WHAT IS THAT?!!

Chapter 31 (13)


Chapter 31 (14)

Kay: This was fun, I want to retire too.


Chapter 31 (15)


Chapter 31 (16)

Mr Andrae is over.

Chapter 31 (17)

Sigh.. Let me mourn that nose, just a little while longer…

Chapter 31 (18)

Where did your snazzy suit go?

Rochelle: *Looks evil*

Chapter 31 (19)

Tenderloin: The prizes of baby bottles will go up soon.

Rochelle: U serious?

Chapter 31 (20)

Rochelle: I think my homies can do something about that…

Tenderloin: Diapers too? Uuuurgh…

Chapter 31 (21)


Chapter 31 (22)

Rochelle: Owie! I think it’s time now.

Chapter 31 (23)

Tenderloin: Here we go again.

Chapter 31 (24)

It’s twin girls! Skywarp and Astrotrain. Can’t tell which one is which now though…

Rochelle: I’m done with this schtick now.

Chapter 31 (25)

Let’s grow them up then!

Chapter 31 (26)

Younger twin, Skywarp. She’s a clone of her dad, and a clone of Galvatron too. I think the skin is different though…

She rolled Heavy Sleeper and Brave. Favourites are Indie music, Falafel and the colour Orange. She shares her traits with both her elder siblings.

Chapter 31 (27)

Why do I always take the same pose? … Anyhow…

Astrotrain (I still label the Decepticon purple in my mind), the elder twin, looks totally different than her twin sister. She is the only kid with Tenderloin’s eye colour and hair colour. Most of her facial features are from her mother though.

Her traits are Athletic and Absent-Minded. Favourites are Latin music, Crepes and the colour Black.

I gave her some stars because Astrotrain is a train… that can fly… in space… :3

Chapter 31 (28)

Good candidate for a title card. And yes, that is a stuffed crocodile on the wall. ;D

Chapter 31 (29)

As an inventor, it’s inevitable that Chalce will set himself on fire. A lot of times probably, since he tends to forget whatever the heck he’s doing.

Chapter 31 (30)

Good thing I have a pool nearby.

Chapter 31 (31)

Oh, and Cyclonus grew up. Can’t believe I had 4 toddlers at the same time.

She rolls Disciplined by the way.

Chapter 31 (32)

Family photo! Without Tenderloin’s head…

Galvatron: This boat is going down! :D

Chapter 31 (33)

Cyclonus: Yay! Now get my own room upstairs!

Eventually you’ll have to share with your siblings.

Chapter 31 (34)

Cyclonus: Oh.. Curses.

Until next time…

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