Monthly Archives: May 2011

First Time For Everything


Arrgh! Too much New Vegas! Little time to pack!

I’m going for a very expensive 30 minute interview, at the school I’m applying for, in our capital tomorrow.

It will be the first time I take a taxi – alone. First time flying – alone. First time in the capital – alone.

No doubt a sample of possibly two years in the future, if I get accepted that is.

I’m nervous, of course, but everything will probably turn out just fine. I’ll just have to be myself and tell the truth.

And keep an eye on my belongings!



It had quite a bit of FMVs. ;D

The whole space thing seemed excessive and interesting at the same time. If the game was more realistic in terms of art design, would it have been more gory and disgusting? One can only wonder…

So… Great game indeed! Battle speed should’ve been faster, game could’ve been longer. I clocked in around 45 hours.

What to play next…