The Lonely Refinery Taste – Quickie Of Three


So I tasted all these at the hotel room at eleven, bought late at 7-eleven.

I think I liked this when I was a kid. Not so much now though, it tastes way too heavy.

I’ve been wanting to taste Snapple for a while. (Snape + Apple. LOL)

Also, Mortal Kombat reference or Because poor literacy is kewl?

Strawberry and kiwi. Better than mango or lemonade. Well, I thought wrong!

It’s way too sweet! Yuck!

And fun fact: There’s more apple in the drink than strawberry and kiwi put together!

M&M’s… Tastes like Smarties, only the shell is softer on these.

Final Verdict

From top to bottom; Too thick, too sweet, okay.

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