The Lonely Refinery Taste – Kentucky Fried Chicken


For some ridiculous reason they don’t have KFC in Sweden. I heard it’s because KFC is too unhealthy… and yet we have like a bajillion Donken’s (McDonalds).

I heard from a classmate that there’s a KFC in Copenhagen, but now knowing where. Well, we found it quite easily when wandering the streets.

I shared a box for two. 10 hot wings. 10 fillet pieces. Fries and cole slaw. I was stupid and didn’t pick the gravy.

The hot wings were too hot for me. Could only eat two. (I’m such a wimp to hot food xD)


Cole slaw, despite the gross name, tastes like pizza salad with cream. And it’s delicious!

Fries are fries.

And we got sporks! My first time using and seeing a spork! IRL! :D

Thank you Colonel Sanders! (Find the Colonel in the picture. LOL) We need more this and less Donken.

Final Verdict

Probably the best chicken I’ll ever get (still have to visit Chick-fil-A). I’ll skip the hot wings next time though.

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  1. And yet you didn’t get any GRAVY?!? That’s the best part! Gravy is like God’s tears sent to us from heaven on the wings of angels, I LOVE that stuff!

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