Monthly Archives: June 2011

WTF Light?


It’s raining slightly, as the weather report said it would. So I look outside and see…

What the heck… Lights that stand out like an eye sore.

Just outside my window is the one of two big parking lots of the neighbourhood. “To raise the feeling of security when wandering around the place” they placed 4 lamposts with 2 lights shining on opposite sides on the lot. There are a few things I don’t like about this. 1) The lights are way too bright. 2) The lights are white, kind of like spotlights on a soccer field. 3) All the other lights in the vicinity are yellow. 4) Whenever I’m a bad person and stay up way too late my perception of time by window viewing will get screwed up.

Well, that’s one thing I won’t miss once I move!

Copenhagen Art Supplies


Behold! My shopping from precisely a week ago!

Brushes, sketch pad, water brush, ink pens.

These are sooooooo soft! I love them so much. <3 Gonna use them for oil, once I get some paint.

The brush is silicone I think, will be interesting to see how it fares.

Not that I need more ink pens, but different thicknesses is what I need, sometimes.

I prefer quantity over quality, since I don’t “sketch” sketch and draw directly with the ink and if the drawing goes to shit then I throw it away. That’s why I need quantity.

Sweet Transvestite


Yesterday, I think I saw my first IRL transvestite. I thought she was a woman, no doubts there, until my mother mentioned it which made me think. Whether or not she was a transvestite or just a woman with a deep voice, it’s nothing I was gonna prod into. If she was one, then that’s super kewl.

Also, I took another look at my other ear and it had a longer & thinner blister than my other ear had. I used my swanky brand fedora while painting today. Not a speck of paint landed on it! I’m getting less messier, woo!

The New Barnaby


Have I mentioned that I’m a big fan of Midsomer Murders? Well, I am.

The new Barnaby (played by Neil Dudgeon) can never live up to the brilliance and charm of the old Barnaby (played by John Nettles), but he’s interesting enough for me to keep watching. At first he seemed kind of cold and kind of a prick, but he is undeniably very intelligent. As I mentioned before I’m very interested in how he develops and what kind of person he turns out to be.

So far, nothing horribly awful though, which is great!

Blistered Ear


I had something on my ear all day today and yesterday, I picked on it all the time but I never looked at it in the mirror. When I was waiting for the bath bus home I asked my mum what it was, and she said ‘blister’. ‘What? Nah..’ I thought. Well, I looked at it just now and it was a blister!

How the heck… I don’t even… Well yeah, I better have some ear protection when out painting from now on.

Workin’ & Murders


Right now I’m painting various walls and doors at my grandpa’s while frying under the hot sun. Which is why I’m not posting that lot right now.

Tomorrow I’m taking the bath bus for a day at the lake.

Oh, and the new Barnaby of Midsomer Murders is airing tonight. I’ll definitely say my thoughts on the performance.

Oh Well…?


Our washing machine broke down the day before yesterday. It just won’t spin.

When I thought the next few weeks would be like the time we had to disconnect it because they had to work on the pipes behind it rendering the family without clean clothes, my ‘rents went out and bought a new machine which will arrive tomorrow!

It is 11 years old, the warranty is non-existent and I just had learned to use it.

Oh well…