Generations Discovery Part 1


So, Generations is out and of course I’ve played some. Since I didn’t have my regular EP testers in the sim bin, I’m using two new sims (who’ll show up in the legacy once I bother to update).

In this first part of three, I’ll show mostly stuff from buy mode, new clothes and hair, & some from my test family.

This is one of them. Let’s call her Mom, since, let’s face it, she’ll become one eventually in this one.

Love the fauxhawk by the way.

This is the other one (actually a premade!), who I’ll call Dad.

Adult can get age details when they are in CAS.

This, I am pleased with. One step closer to make monkeys!

I’m disappointed that there weren’t more shoes for the YA female, but that dress and those gloves are killer.

Leggings! Too bad they aren’t available as accessories yet.

Those glasses are hilarious! And that shirt in the bottom left is plain awesome.

More male clothes than I expected it to be.

And that’s not even all of the stuff, and I didn’t include the new patterns (which are cool too).

Pillow fight! And here are Mom and Dad, in all their glory.

To your beloved, you can give them flowers (for a cost).

And the adults can seesaw too! Too bad they don’t go nuts on it, I usually do.

I swear I have a funny picture about that somewhere on my computer.

I didn’t notice that frog until now.

Also, now you can go on dates! Which is pretty much the same as a group, but you get these little hearts above their heads instead of plumbobs.

Remember those flowers Mom gave Dad? Well, now he gave them back to her as a gift.

Infinite person person pluses!

A new edition from Generations is shower woohoo. Me like, a lot.

Dad: Wait, what were we supposed to do?

Look at the stars together, another new romantic interaction, stupid!

I missed the stargazing from Sims 2, glad it’s back.

Bunk beds, love them. Too bad their sleep value ain’t that great. The kids were always tired.

So, in order to enjoy the gorgeous wedding cake, they have to get married. Might as well get the wheels rolling.

Oh, and then there’s the bachelor/bachelorette parties.

Mom: This sudden change of shirt makes me uneasy.

Holy heck! New pregnancy clothes! I’m so happy! *tears of joy*

One of the things I forgot, the bench where you can make potions.

Yay for pregnancy morphs!

First time I ever see a bare pregnant belly in my game. And on the subject of this bench here, the users only become incinerated so I don’t think they can die from using it.

Until next time… in part two!

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  1. Wow, I am so excited. I haven’t bought the game yet. I do plan to but I am waiting a bit. Thanks for sharing your impressions of the game and the new content. I am very excited about the new male clothes and body hair.

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